EXO Drinking Game

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The game described below was created in order to have fun, because it is based on the principle of watching a clip -> find a key action/phrase -> take the appropriate action. Thus, you can get to know your idols better, which allows you to reduce stress (there is more about this in the best writing service where you can ask about what stress is and how to deal with it) and enjoy watching.

EXO Drinking Game

For the EXO Drinking Game you watch all of the EXO MVs with two bottles of the cheapest Vodka or wine. If you’re a masochist you also watch the teasers. Cheers! Warning: May cause alcohol poisoning. Also, I am in no way taking responsibility for whatever strange antics you decide to undertake while in your inebriated state: this definitely includes thinking you’re an amazing dancer.

EXO Drinking Game SNSD Cheerleaders

1.    Take a shot every time Baekhyun does this face.

EXO Drinking Game Byun Baekhyun Wolf MV

2.    Take a shot every time Sehun and Luhan are shipped.

EXO Drinking Game Luhan Sehun Hunhun What Is Love MV

3.    Take a shot every time D.O. is wearing a ridiculous hat.

EXO Drinking Game D.O. Kyungsoo Wolf MV(He’s ecstatic.)

4.    Take a shot every time Tao looks like he wants to punch you in the face.

EXO Drinking Game Zhang Zi Tao Growl MV

BONUS SHOT: If you catch him pulling a Seo Hyun…

EXO Drinking Game Tao History MV
5.    Take a shot every time Lay looks really, really confused.

EXO Drinking Game Lay History MV(The fact that this GIF is so slow just makes it that much more special.)

6.    Take a shot every time Kai commits a crime against fashion. (This one is subjective and may cause the end of longtime friendships.)

EXO Drinking Game Kai Teaser
7.    Take a shot every time Chen messes up the choreography in the background but continues like it’s all good, because, whatever, everyone’s looking at Luhan anyway.

EXO Drinking Game Luhan MAMA MV EXO Drinking Game Chen MAMA MV
8.    Take a shot when Chanyeol looks impossibly calm and it freaks you out because it’s just not normal. (He’s sedated, we all know it.)

EXO Drinking Game Chanyeol El Dorado Teaser(Oh hey Onew!)

9.    Take a shot every time Xiumin looks like the maknae.

EXO Drinking Game Xiumin Miracles in December
10.    Take a shot every time Suho has an actual line. (This one is like a session of “Let’s find Waldo!”)

EXO Drinking Game Suho Growl MV

11. Take a shot every time Kris does (patented) bitch face.

EXO Drinking Game Kris MAMA MV

I think you guys are going to be drunk after #1 and after the very first MV. But good luck. Tell me how it went! Drink responsibly!


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