Ga In Says “FxxK You” in Latest MV

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Ga In Fuck You MV

Ga In finally released her latest single FxxK You (A.K.A Fuck You). Unfortunately, the MV has received mixed reviews from K-Pop fans. In the MV, Ga In remains impassive as her boyfriend forcefully touches her body and attempts to get physical with her; she refuses to respond to his kisses, remains still in his arms, and at times slaps his hands away from her person. She croons an obscenity as a significant number of viewers become uncomfortable over the growing tension and desperation on screen by the male actor. While scrolling through the comments in YouTube, I noticed that many viewers believe the song is about a physically abusive relationship. However, I disagree. This isn’t the kind of MV that is supposed to be digested in its literal form. This is a song about the back and forth quarrels in any relationship where lovers test the waters and try to take the dominant position of power. A creative decision was made to use rough physicality to represent the scarring nature of emotional and verbal attacks in a relationship.

Ga In Fuck You MV (2)

When she says, “Fuck you, don’t want it now,” I think a lot of viewers are seeing that as her refusing to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time (despite his repeated attempts to coerce her). When I hear that line, what I conclude is that she’s refusing to have make-up sex with him and lie beside him in bed as if he didn’t just tear her apart with his words in a previous argument. This is a song about sex being used as a persuasive tool by a man to try and erase his mistakes. But Ga In is refusing to fall under that temptation. She is tired of passion immediately following brutality. She is mocking him by using the term “fuck you” and then doing everything but. She is stronger than him because unlike him, she doesn’t need his touch. This song and MV are paradoxes of the usual representation of control. Ga In has control in this MV by being idle. The fact that she is not responding to his sexual advances despite his repeated tries is causing her lover to not only lose control but his will. He cannot connect with her. He is stronger than her physically but she is stronger than him emotionally; he will never win.

Ga In Fuck You MV (3)

So then Ga In begins to question when she should respond physically, forgive his mistakes and finally give in to her desires again. But then she sings, “This can never really end.” She is really afraid of giving back the control she’s taken from her lover because she thinks the same vicious cycle of emotional manipulation will continue viciously. She is in a relationship where she can choose to be the one in control, and deal with the emotional repercussions of causing her lover pain, or on the receiving end, where his words affect her more than she can affect him.

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In Fuck You MV (4)

The scene where they are both doused in gasoline represents how a relationship can burn down at any second. All it takes is one wrong word and the fragile structure of love can be set ablaze; the person you thought you once knew becomes this maimed monster in your eyes. The bloody scene in the bathroom represents the rupturing of the relationship’s innocence; what was once pure is now dark and cynical.

Ga In Fuck You MV (5)

In this MV, Ga In is the emotional manipulator.

MV Rating: 4 Stars/5 Stars

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