Vintage Musical Stereotypes

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AU (alternative universe) is a very interesting topic to involve in a photo shoot. Below you will see photos from various photo shoots, but selected according to certain criteria (style). If you are interested in analysis and selection based on a similar principle, you can include such materials in your research and apply to various events. Also, if you need help with the presentation of yourself, the professional letter writer service will help you with this. Let’s have fun with musical stereotypes, a vintage filter and an overactive imagination. Think parallel universe, circa 1960s/1970s.

The Conflicted Folksinger

Big Bang T.O.P. Choi Seunghyun Harmonica Vintage


The Rebel Rockers

EXO Chanyeol Tao Rocker Photoshoot

[EXO] Chanyeol & Tao

The Free-Love Hippies

Shinee Sherlock Tent


The Bubblegum Pop Triplets

K-Pop Secret Shy Boy MV

[Secret] Ji Eun, Hyosung & Sunhwa

The Ballad Legend

A Pink Eunji Photoshoot

[A Pink] Eun Ji

The Eurodisco “It Girls”

Wonder Girls The Wonder Years Trilogy

[Wonder Girls] Yu Bin, So Hee, Sunye, & Yenny

The Grunge Glam Trendsetter

K-Pop IU Photoshoot


The New Wave Trance DJs

G-Dragon Taeyang Photoshoot Vogue

[BIGBAG] G-Dragon & Taeyang

The Traditional Pop Chart Toppers

Girls' Generation SNSD Hoot Photoshoot

[Girls' Generation]

The Madonna

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In Photoshoot Nun

[Brown Eyed Girls] Ga In

The Glam Rock King

2AM Jo Kwon Animal

[2AM] Jo Kwon

The Country Darling

K-Pop Juniel Debut


The Psychedelic Pop Mod Princesses

4Minute Photoshoot

[4Minute] Ji Hyun, Ga Yoon, & Hyun A

I had a little too much fun doing this…


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