Vintage Musical Stereotypes

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Let’s have fun with musical stereotypes, a vintage filter and an overactive imagination. Think parallel universe, circa 1960s/1970s.

The Conflicted Folksinger

Big Bang T.O.P. Choi Seunghyun Harmonica Vintage


The Rebel Rockers

EXO Chanyeol Tao Rocker Photoshoot

[EXO] Chanyeol & Tao

The Free-Love Hippies

Shinee Sherlock Tent


The Bubblegum Pop Triplets

K-Pop Secret Shy Boy MV

[Secret] Ji Eun, Hyosung & Sunhwa

The Ballad Legend

A Pink Eunji Photoshoot

[A Pink] Eun Ji

The Eurodisco “It Girls”

Wonder Girls The Wonder Years Trilogy

[Wonder Girls] Yu Bin, So Hee, Sunye, & Yenny

The Grunge Glam Trendsetter

K-Pop IU Photoshoot


The New Wave Trance DJs

G-Dragon Taeyang Photoshoot Vogue

[BIGBAG] G-Dragon & Taeyang

The Traditional Pop Chart Toppers

Girls' Generation SNSD Hoot Photoshoot

[Girls' Generation]

The Madonna

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In Photoshoot Nun

[Brown Eyed Girls] Ga In

The Glam Rock King

2AM Jo Kwon Animal

[2AM] Jo Kwon

The Country Darling

K-Pop Juniel Debut


The Psychedelic Pop Mod Princesses

4Minute Photoshoot

[4Minute] Ji Hyun, Ga Yoon, & Hyun A

I had a little too much fun doing this…


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