Girls’ Generation “Mr.Mr.” MV Review

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This week I’ll be reviewing Girls’ Generation’s Mr.Mr. MV, which should be renamed Props and Male Model Ft. Girls’ Generation MV.


The Song

Firstly, this song is amazing. It is my favorite Girls’ Generation single ever (yes, this tops Genie). The Mr.Mr. chorus is catchier than Kara’s Mr. (amazing how mere repetition can change a song) and the dance breakdown is heart-stopping. The lyrics are nothing special but it doesn’t matter because this song is dance club royalty. It is the best song in the EP without question; though Soul is pretty amazing too. When I heard the song I was expecting an amazing, catchy and effortlessly sexy choreography reminiscent of I Got A Boy. Then, of course, there was the sexy nurse theme in the teaser photos, which were dark, classy and sensual. I was getting Dr. Jolin Tsai flashbacks and felt giddy all over. So despite SM’s extremely vague excuse for their delay (yes, lost footage, I’m sure), I was expecting this MV to be their best yet. Then I clicked play…

The MV

Well. It’s not a bad MV overall, but by Girls’ Generation standards (which are the highest that can be in the K-Pop industry) this is disappointing. I have many issues with this MV…

Issue #1

It’s boring. If you’re alluding to a plot SM then stick to that idea, don’t go from scene to scene expecting the viewer to piece the story together magically. Two words: steady progression. So the male model walks, but then is in a coma, then he needs a heart transplant? What?! My best friend believes the plot is about the girls creating the perfect guy and giving him their heart, quite literally. I didn’t deduce that at all from any of these scenes.


Issue #2

If someone is singing, please put them on screen for more than two seconds! This was maddening. If Sunny is singing I want to see her face not a close-up of her shoulder. Also, I don’t want to see someone’s hand if they’re singing. Their hand doesn’t have a mouth!


Issue #3

Is this the zoomed-in version of the MV? It was just too close. This camera needed to give them space (was the cameraman a fanboy?). This was especially true in the dance sequences when the camera seemed to pan to one side or the other. I want to see all of them. Stop moving!


Issue #4

Yes the studded and shiny props are cool but please concentrate on Girls’ Generation. I think I get how the needle looks like after three consecutive shots.


Issue #5

The male model was extremely dull and he got way too much screen time. Was he angry? Was he sad? Why wasn’t he reacting to these beautiful nine girls telling him to be more straightforward about his feelings? Taeyeon had more chemistry with this bear.


Issue #6

Why are we going from teaser image to teaser image? The scene with Taeyeon against the wall, the scene with Sunny pushing the cart, the scene with Seohyun on the floor, the scene with Sooyoung going through the doors – look familiar? These were all individual teaser images. The issue is, none of those scenes progressed. We got a snapshot of them and then we moved on. What happened next? Nothing? Why are they so stiff in so many different scenes as if they’re posing for the photography camera instead of a video camera? It just felt as if SM was doing both things in one day, like this was a behind-the-scenes video for the album booklet rather than an official MV.


Issue #7

Did they hire T-ARA’s editor? (If you don’t know what I mean watch this, skip to one minute in). We get like one second shots of a million things. It was so difficult trying to decipher an outfit! I love fashion and I hardly got any STEADY full body shots where I could see what they were wearing up close for their individual scenes. Also, Taeyeon had a perm for some of the scenes. Did you know that? Because I didn’t!


Issue #8

Holy lens-flare.


Issue #9

The dance. It wasn’t bad, I was just expecting so much more. The real reason I put the dance in this list, however, is that final dance shot in the short dresses, where it seemed as if Girls’ Generation wasn’t really even into it. The massaging-my-wrist move is so weird. It almost felt as if the girls themselves thought the dance was too easy for the song or for their skill level.


Issue #10

This beauty moment is gorgeous and we only get one second of it.


Issue #11

Where was Seohyun? Was she on the floor for 70% of this MV and was, thus, out of our eyesight?


Sigh. Anyway, I’m going to go listen to Mr.Mr. on replay.

Favorite scene:

favorite scene

Did anyone else feel like THIS is how the MV should have started? This scene was so epic. A slow motion entrance into the crystal (highly impractical) hospital. That would have made sense!

MV Rating: 3 Stars/5 Stars

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