K-Pop Doppelgangers

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In general, it is not surprising that there are people who are similar in appearance, because similar features can be across the continent/country/or even certain regions (specifics of life). But it takes on great resonance when the star has a double. If you are interested in reading why doppelgangers exist, or a scientific study on the topic of cloning or mythological background, buy college research paper.

There are six billion people in the world, meaning, that are at least six other people who look exactly like you out there. So is it possible that some K-Pop idols can find their doppelgangers in the same industry? Here’s a list of idols/entertainers who look very similar.

[Girls Generation] Taeyeon and Renbutsu Misako

K-Pop Doppelganger Girls Generation Kim Taeyeon and Renbutsu Misako

[EXO] Tao and Jung Joon Young

K-Pop Doppelganger EXO's Tao and Jung Joon Young

[JYJ] Junsu and [MyName] Insoo

K-Pop Doppelganger JYJ's Junsu and MyName's Insoo

Se7en and [VIXX] Hongbin

K-Pop Doppelganger Se7en and VIXX's Hongbin

[F.T. Island] Lee Hong Ki and [MBLAQ] Mir

K-Pop Doppelganger F.T. Island's Lee Hong Ki and MBLAQ's Mir

[A Pink] Eun Ji and [Girl's Day] Minah

K-Pop Doppelganger A Pink's Eun Ji and Girl's Day Minah

[BPPOP] Inkyung and [Girls' Generation] Tiffany

K-Pop Doppelganger BPPOP's Inkyung and Girls' Generation Tiffany

[B1a4] Baro and [VIXX] Ravi

K-Pop Doppelganger B1a4's Baro and VIXX's Ravi

[BIGBANG] T.O.P. and [B.A.P] Himchan

K-Pop Doppelganger BIGBANG's T.O.P. and B.A.P's Himchan

[f(x)] Krystal and [Girls' Generation] Yoona

K-Pop Doppelganger f(x) Krystal and Girls' Generation Yoona

[SHINee] Taemin and [EXO] Kai

K-Pop Doppelganger SHINee's Taemin and EXO's Kai

[U-Kiss] Kiseop and [Block B] Jaehyo

K-Pop Doppelganger U-Kiss Kiseop and Block B Jaehyo

(Separated at birth!)


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