Neon Bunny It’s You MV Review

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Neon Bunny is finally back with Its You! Pinch me, I’m dreaming! You can buy narrative essay about the creative and life path of Neon Bunny and realize her significance for pop culture and young people.

Neon Bunny It's You Single

The Song

Why are her singles always so flawless? This song is catchy, it’s dreamy, it’s perfect. She has her signature “ooh, ooh, ooh” as the hook here. One listen and I’m already singing along. From all of her previous works I think this song sounds like a mix between Oh My Prince and Listen To Your Heart. Thank you for taking two of my favorite songs and creating a harmonious musical baby. I appreciate this so much! The song is about a woman who is aware that her friend has a crush on her and she is also aware that he knows she has a crush on him. However, he still won’t make a move. But despite his idleness, she can’t move on. In the chorus she keeps repeating, “It has to be you, it has to be you.” On a side note, can you believe she’s 30!? I can’t!

The MV Plot + Execution

First off, is that the same guy from Ailee’s Heaven MV? …No, yes, maybe? I don’t know. Just an observation. So the choppy editing style really works here because each shift really goes with the beat. Also, because this is supposed to be like an every day video where you get glimpses into the real lives of these two Seoul residents, it makes sense that scenes are foggy, unfocused, and at times unsteady (you’re like a random pedestrian or pesky ghost that randomly filters into their lives). Unlike the Girls’ Generation Mr. Mr. MV where a million filters sadly butchered every stylized shot, here a little blur goes a long way. The style could have also been used as a tool to showcase the murky line between friendship and love; where Neon Bunny is unsure why her crush won’t simply cross it and ask her out. In the end, (spoiler I suppose) they never actually meet in the MV, which could symbolize that although they are both walking the same path, they will never travel it together as a couple.

She even got featured in the online edition of Dazed & Confused (U.K. Version) Magazine! This is a good start for promo. Gingerly waiting for next album.

MV Rating: 4 stars/5 stars


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