Memorable K-Pop Fan-Signing Gifts

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Fan signing events are unpredictable. You huddle in a line while trying to get your bias’s autograph, smiling nervously and fidgeting. All of the daring things you planned to say and do are completely forgotten once you’re actually close enough to touch the object of your affection. But some fans are brave enough to do the crazy things we’re all secretly fantasizing about. Here’s a list of some of the weirdest or most awesome gifts fans have given their favorite idols, becoming unforgettable fan legends in the process.

1. [B.A.P] Bang Yong Guk Fan + Ring

bangShe not only presented him with this gift…she put it on him. Wow.

2. [VIXX] N Fan + Watermelon

N1 N2 N3

In South Korea, watermelons are available only for a particular season, so they make great gifts. However, it’s an entirely different story to present your favorite idol with one! Also, this fan deserves credit for carrying a heavy watermelon in her bag for only god knows how long. N’s expression is positively priceless; he even checks it for ripeness.

3. [Block B] Jaehyo Fan + Toy Puppy

Fan Meeting Jaehyo Toy Puppy

jaehyo1 jaehyo2

This was too cute! He was beyond amused by it. (I hope there isn’t a tracking device in that.)

4. [EXO] Chanyeol Fan + Cookies

 chanyeol1 chanyeol2

I feel like this is the GIF that certified all the crack-related Chanyeol references. He was insanely amused by the picture pasted on the front. In case you’re wondering, it was this one. This is honestly the first image that comes to mind when you mention Chanyeol.

5. Goo Hye Sun Fan + Dunkin Donuts

Goo Hye Sun2

I have never seen an idol frown when presented with food. However, giving an author donuts at her book signing event is a bit strange. This made the list because this wins the award for most obvious yet utterly ambiguous ulterior motive gift. It is the ultimate shipping gift! Lee Min Ho was endorsing Dunkin Donuts at the time. Boys Over Flowers forever! (Shameless, I don’t care.)

6. [BiGBANG] Seungri Fan + Hanbok


Technically she gave him a gift – a great sign of respect and appreciation by wearing traditional attire. And then he forgot how to bow…Awkward being.

So these are MY favorite fan signing gift moments. Yours?


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