MV Fashion Analysis: EXO’S Wolf

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Today we’ll be looking at EXO’s Wolf, also known as explosion at the feathers and bad accessories factory. This video needs a review because I never noticed how God-awful the fashion and styling choices were back when it came out. I think I was overwhelmed by Kai’s braids. Let’s look at some of my favorite pieces. We’ll start with 10 points and see where this goes.

Style Ranking: 10 – 9 (The God of Fashion Worships You), 8 – 7 (Style Icons!), 6 – 5 (Good Try), 4 – 2 (FIRE your stylist), 1 – 0 (Let’s pretend this never happened/dying inside)

Bandanas. 90’s bandanas everywhere. (-2)


Headbands. 80′s headbands everywhere. (-2)


Fingerless Gloves. Never-really-in-fashion fingerless gloves everywhere. (-2)

keys(Wait  a second, are there keys in that chain??)

And while we’re at it, why is there a bandana tied to Kris’s knee? (-1)


Braids, because, you know, that worked so great for Big Bang… (-5)


Luhan looks fabulous in these feathers and anything negative you say means you’re just jealous. (+1)


Sehun’s shirt collar looks like someone tried to get creative with discarded toilet paper rolls. (-3)


But a unicorn threw up on his hair so props need to be given. (+2)

We only got a 1 second shot of this hat in the entire MV. It’s a shame… (-1)

Matador(What was the inspiration for this, Spanish-Matador-Angry-Shark? Am I reading too much into this?)

Is he wearing a ripped Glad trash bag over a shirt? (-2)


Is Kai wearing a championship belt? (-1)

belt(I don’t even…)

Fact: A defenseless squirrel was killed to make this hat. (-1, +a-dead-squirrel)


So you’re wearing a turtleneck, with no sleeves. Understandable. (-1)

sleeves(Who even has arms that could correctly fit in those sleeve-holes?!)

Tao remains flawless. (+5)


(+2) points for Xiumin’s manicure.


I don’t even want to talk about this outfit so let’s pretend that I did and move on.

Ican't(The guys to the right are about to be floored by his fashion choices.)

No, you know what, let’s talk about this. (-4)


Porous LifeVest + tangled ropes + immaculate braids after washing ashore after some kind of boating accident + Hawaiian themed bandana = wolf?

What is this puffy thing wrapped around Baekhyun’s neck? (-0.5)

football(Did Chanyeol lose a football?)

If I had a dime for every time Kai looked amazing in a ridiculous outfit… (+3)

baseball(I just like reminding fans that this happened…)

Fun Fact: Pause this video any time Tao comes out in the background and it looks like he’s going to rip your face off in every scene. (+2)


This is a real screenshot. This actually happened. I’m not even lying! (+2)

DBZ(How 80s is this? The triple fade…I can’t…Also, Baekhyun belongs in Dragon Ball Z. That’s a fact of life.)

EXO’S Wolf Fashion Analysis Total: 2.5 (and a dead squirrel)
Conclusion: FIRE these stylists!

As Iman would say…


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