2NE1 + Vogue May 2014 Issue

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2NE1 graced the pages of Vogue Magazine’s 2014 May issue and all I can say is….dear lord, are my eyes bleeding? This isn’t the always “overly-ambigious-borderline-racist-bohemian-chic” that magazines have been trying to pass off as acceptable for years. This is seriously just god damn awful styling, with a dash of racism (Drums and face paint, seriously?). So done with these stylists. Who ever is in charge of 2NE1′s image when it comes to fashion needs to be fired. In fact, they should have been fired since like 2010. I also want Vogue Korea’s Creative Director and Editor in Chief to receive serious backlash for allowing this atrocity to happen.

2NE1 Vogue May 2014 (2)

Now I’m going to discuss some of the pieces. Some of the few pieces that I liked and some of the bland choices, while pretending that the most hideous combinations NEVER happened.

Bom Vogue May 2014

Here we have Bom in the best outfit of the entire photo shoot. This gorgeous dress is from Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2014 collection. The dress appears to be composed of “golden coins” that are stitched together with a very fine sheer lace. This dress deserved better than those hideous black gladiator heels but I’m going to ignore them. My only criticism is that I wish Bom would have been standing so we could truly appreciate the beauty of the dress.

Minji Vogue May 2014

I was NOT a fan of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2014 RTW show: the uncomfortable theme, the jarring patterns and I wish I could burn all those misplaced feathers.  But when I saw this outfit I thought – I can see this working in an editorial. Minji somehow makes it work, mostly by keeping a neutral expression and not overplaying the trippy nature of the outfit. If only she weren’t holding that skull…

Dara CL Vogue May 2014

Above we have CL wearing two statement pieces from Moschino’s Fall 2014 RTW collection. This is the part where I’m going to vent and ask, why does Jeremy Scott ruin everything that I love?!?! (He was made creative director of Moschino for ungodly reasons). The dress (right) is meant to resemble a scrunched up candy wrapper and the shoes she’s wearing (left) are literally inspired by Sponge Bob Square Pants. I won’t lie, the dress is cute, but not when you’re sitting on the floor with your legs parted and those shoes should be burned (I love Sponge Bob but god no). I didn’t actually mind this collection as a whole, but then again, I didn’t mind Jeremy Scott’s first collaborations with 2Ne1 until he started dressing them in the dark.

Dara Vogue May 2014

Here we have Dara in two more pieces from Moschino’s Fall 2014 RTW collection. Once again, Sponge Bob has been skinned and she’s covered in a beer-inspired flowing cape. I hated this entire outfit. Dara looks like a dying velociraptor. I love Dara and I feel that the poor girl was stuck with the worst outfit choices in this entire shoot.

Gonna go pray to the fashion gods.


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