VIXX “Eternity” MV Review

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This week I’ll be reviewing VIXX’s Eternity MV, a.k.a. OHMAHGOD I NEED A MOMENT!!! MV.

VIXX Eternity (2)


The Song

When I’m buried, this song will be played as my casket is lowered into the Egyptian-emperor-like tomb. My husband, T.O.P, will have a hard time moving on without me but this song should help. No seriously, oh my god! If cheesy 90s techno and Genie Era K-Pop had a baby, this would be it. I love cheesy techno (Cher is the Almighty Gaudy God). I am obsessed with Genie Era K-Pop. I want to smother this song with love! Are these tears? (According to my best friend I like this song because I have bad taste in music, but whatever, my bedazzled cross to bear…). If a dying car engine could sing, it would be this song. sparkles

The MV Plot

VIXX Eternity (6)

If you read the lyrics, you realize that the song is a desperate plea despite it’s totally-shamelessly-raving-in-the-corner beat. Unlike a certain MV that I won’t mention, this MV follows the same plot as the lyrics. The members are in a dream-like trance by personal choice. Their lover has left them, so they continue running back to their memories and dreams. They escape to a world where she still lingers. However, their dreams always catch up to reality. Even in their personalized paradises, she always disappears. Then, in the end of the song, I think they might have committed suicide. The last lines are:

A cruel night is endlessly coming to me
I close my eyes again, taking me back to that dream
Into an eternal dream that I won’t ever wake from.

Either they committed suicide, or they asked Death to take them.

The MV Execution

Well, no one got stabbed with giant needles, got sent flying via escape pod, or tried to choke a bitch, so the MV was pretty okay. I only really had an issue with three things:

1. Cheesy thunder + Flying Clock Parts + Disappear-Reappear-Repeat = Terrible Graphics and Weird Time Travel

VIXX Eternity2. Not enough Leo.

VIXX Eternity Leo

3. Ravi’s hair won’t be tamed! (Can’t be tamed!!)

VIXX Eternity Ravi

The Acting

VIXX Eternity (3)

“Hahahahahahaha!” *intense stare*
Please stop…you’re scaring me.

The Dance

The VIXX members are great dancers and I always love their choreography. My favorite dance move was the “I’m washing my ears” move.

VIXX Eternity (4)Followed by, “what did you say to me!?!”

VIXX Eternity (5)(Totally Deliberate) Fangirl Moments:

vixx eternity fangirl moment*dying noises* *then* *confusion as to Ravi’s questionable dance position*

VIXX Eternity HyukWhen did you get so handsome? *Checks Wikipedia* It’s legal.

MV Rating: 3 Stars/ 5 Stars

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