The U-KISS Individual Teaser Images For “Mono Scandal” Should Be Illegal

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UKISS Hoon Teaser Image Mono Scandal

So the individual teaser images for U-KISS’s comeback song Mono Scandal are out and…Wow. Just. Wow. (Especially Kiseop, you go Kiseop!) If this music video is actually shot in black and white (a la Stop Girl) and mainly takes place in a hotel room as the boys brood around shirtless (a la Y), then I am so buying this album. U-KISS has never actually done stripped down sexy. They’ve tried gritty and dirty, but then they put a man bra on Kiseop and ruined it (consult the single Shut Up). Stop Girl was very sensual despite the boys only having suits on, which I loved for it’s classic, sexy vibe. It’s the same way that Girls’ Generation did sexy with Mr.Mr. and KARA did sexy with Damaged Lady: amazing, empowering business suits. Now, U-KISS might be going the 2PM and MBLAQ route (I should say the Lee Joon route), so the results should be interesting to see. Let’s hope they pull it off and it’s not awkward: no lip rubbing, please have a female lead in this video, and if the new member could not stay on the disgusting bathroom floor for the MV that would be great. Also, have a plot. As much as I would enjoy the whole hotel room atmosphere, if there is no plot, then I will get bored. I’m not a fly entranced by the pretty light, I have a brain. For instance, if the boys could be in a secret love affair with an older actress, holy crap that would be amazing. For instance, that unforgettable Elle photoshoot BIGBANG’s T.O.P had with actress Lee Mi Sook.
Elle Magazine Lee Mi Sook and BIGBANG T.O.P (6)Sees teaser video *flips table

Well…at least the upcoming title track was composed by Double Sidekick. Oh my god, could this actually be a solid Korean single from U-KISS?  Is it possible that it will be well-promoted and appreciated? fingers crossed If this song is a mix between Sistar’s Give It To Me and MBLAQ’s Scribble (both produced by Double Sidekick), I think I might die of happiness.

Anyway, check out the rest of the teaser images below!

UKISS Eli Teaser Image Mono ScandalUKISS Kiseop Teaser Image Mono ScandalUKISS Kevin Teaser Image Mono ScandalUKISS SooHyun Teaser Image Mono ScandalUKISS Jun Teaser Image Mono Scandal(Sources)

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