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I’m going to do this quick, like ripping a band-aid. Today I’ll be reviewing U-KISS’s Don’t Flirt a.k.a. …………….Why Won’t U-KISS Leave Their Terrible Company Already? MV.

Ukiss Don't FlirtThe Song

Eli Don't Flirt


The song is pretty boring, like, extremely forgettable. I can’t even recall the melody right now. It’s worse than She’s Mine and I thought they’d never do worse than She’s Mine. Stop Girl – sick beat. Neverland – addicting. Believe – edible 80s cheese. This song, deleting from memory immediately (I am disappointed Double Sidekick, I had high hopes!). I feel like the guitar in the beginning was great (I thought, omg, is this going to be a Ga In meets MBLAQ baby?) and then it just disappears! Or it was just too quiet for the rest of the song. Now to the lyrics, holy vague, whiny, uncomfortable lyrics. Firstly, I’m not a guy, and I’m embarrassed for men. The lyrics basically say that men are simpleminded perverts that can’t control themselves at the sight of a mini skirt, attractive smile or even a vibrant shade of lipstick.

It’s bothering me, your short skirt.
The red lipstick on your lips.

Your magic-like smiles that you can’t hide
Everything makes me nervous.

Men are too simple. Yes, because of your attractiveness
They are getting sunken like they are on something.

As the song continues, the atmosphere that is created is that of a guy that goes to the same club every day and always sees the same girl. He is very attracted to this girl but she flirts with everyone (“Please don’t flirt, don’t go there tonight.”/ “Stop, stop, oh please not in front of me.”/ “Don’t flirt, that’s a bad place.”/ “Stop, stop, please don’t.”). However, he feels like she’s teasing him with her stares even when she’s not with him (conceited much, and a little inappropriate if you consider that they’re automatically assuming this girl secretly wants them and only them). Then they start becoming disgusted by her attire and makeup, suddenly what they loved about her they find “nasty” because it causes others to look at her as well (this has psychotic-possessive-ex-boyfriend-run-while-you-still-can written all over it.)

The MV Plot + Execution

The MV plot sadly goes with the lyrics. The main issue I have with this MV is that you can tell that the female modelKiseop don't flirt (2)s were at some point either told one of two things, 1. Just look pretty. or 2. Be kind of flirty and touchy but not too much because we don’t want the fangirls to be angry. The result, mostly awkward physical contact (except for the scene on the bed Eli had, I thought that was the only scene where there was any real chemistry). If you’re going to do sexy like that, hire an actress! If this is supposed to be a story about a cheating girlfriend (although the terrible lyrics imply otherwise), then get out of the club. Stop spying on this girl. Stop sharing girls! I have zero problems with a threesome, go for it, your life. But considering how obsessed they sound with these lyrics, it just feels awkward and uncomfortable. I feel like she’s sleeping with two stalkers who are going to take pictures of her while she sleeps.

Also, I’m genuinely happy and surprised about how vocal international KissMes are being about their dislike for this song and MV. Good. You don’t have to be blind. You can love a band while hating some of their choices (well, the choices the company makes). That doesn’t make you a bad fan, that makes you normal. I know some fandoms that if you say one bad thing about their band, they call it sacrilege and try to scratch your eyes out through their computer screens. Also, take note U-KISS MV director and creative director, here are two examples of rather desperate songs about a flirty love interest with well-executed, classy MVs.

The Wardrobe

I approve. (I also approve of the new member, keep him!) Also, Kevin, someone’s been practicing in the mirror.

Kevin Woo don't Flirt (2)(I’ll give em a sexy stare…)
Kevin Woo Don't Flirt
(Then, when they least expect it, lip ruuuub)

The Dance

Broadcast networks have deemed the choreography unfit for broadcast. Everyone is raving about there finally being equality for men and women in the industry. HA. I’m pretty sure this dance is being banned for all the sexual dance moves the female dancers do with them, mainly, the move where they pretend their legs are strip poles. There’s also the pretend spank move…If U-KISS were by themselves, trust me, there would be no banning. (Admit it, the idea of the members crouching at each others’ knees suggestively is hilarious.)

Ukiss Don't Flirt Dance

MV Rating: 2 Stars/ 5 Stars [the lighting is better and the sets are more expensive than usual so I have to give them that]

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  1.   June 6, 2014, 12:34 pm

    i think the song is good’-’

    •   June 6, 2014, 1:25 pm

      I guess I just had different expectations. Everyone has different opinions so I’m glad you enjoyed the song.

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