7 Things That Need To Be Retired From K-Pop MVs

June 5, 2014  By  kpopbreak     1 Comment

After reviewing Boyfriend’s Obsession MV, I was inspired to make this post of props and plots that have overstayed their welcome in K-Pop. Raise your hands for these K-Pop cliches and give me a “Hallelujah!”

1. Fake Tattoos

B.A.P Power

(B.A.P. – Power)

DMTN Simon E.R.(DMTN – E.R.)

Taeyang Ringa Linga(Taeyang – Ringa Linga)

…….you’re all going to disagree with me because of the shirtlessness aren’t you…

2. Skateboards

Teen Top Be Ma Girl(Teen Top – Be Ma Girl)

Got7 Girls Girls Girls Scateboards(Got7 – Girls, Girls, Girls)

Bangtan Boys No Dream(Bangtan Boys – No More Dream)

3. Explosions

2NE1 Ugly Explosion(2NE1 – Ugly)

BigBang - Love Song Explosion(BIGBANG – Love Song)

TVXQ Keep Your Head Down(TVXQ – Keep Your Head Down)

4. Lip Rubbing (Guys, come on, I thought we were over this!)

Key Sherlock(SHINee – Sherlock)

UKiss Dongho(U-KISS – Stop Girl)

Vixx Hyuk Lip Rub(VIXX – Voodoo)

 5. “The Science”

D-Unit Ram Luv Me

(D-Unit – Luv Me)Boyfriend Band Obsession (3)(Boyfriend – Obsession)

B1a4 Beautiful Target(B1a4 – Beautiful Target [Japanese Version])

6. The Brick Room

Brick Room (1)Brick Room (2)Brick Room (3)Brick Room (4)TO NAME A FEW!

7. Look at me, I’m holding a gun!


(After  School – Flashback)Nine Muses Wild Gun(Nine Muses – Wild)

Block B P.O. gun very good

(Block B – Very Good)Spica Russian Roulette Gun(Spica – Russian Roulette)

You know what, I think I want Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions to stay. Yunho and Changmin sold it to me. I mean, as long as a band member doesn’t get a hook for a hand or something after the fireworks I think that one is still acceptable.


1 Comment

  1.   July 20, 2014, 7:01 pm

    What about Lollipops? They’re used in SNSD’s “Kissing You” and miss A’s “Hush”, to name just a few.

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