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Boyfriend Band Obsession (4)
Oh my god, I can’t stop laughing! I need to control myself. My stomach hurts! Okay, okay, I think I’m calming down. There are literal TEARS streaming down my face. This week I’ll be Reviewing Boyfriend’s Obsession, a.k.a., HAHAHAHAHAHAHA They’re Joking Right?!?! HAHAHA!! MV. He has a hook! A hook for a hand!! Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take a breather. I’m snorting, it’s bad, so, so bad.

The Song

Forgettable. I prefer Janus (Bat Girl). Or as my other best friend thought it was called, Back Girl. He doesn’t listen to K-Pop so he just automatically assumed it was a progressive song about refusing to adopt an unconventional sexual position. (No, I am not making this up.) You’re not a back girl, yeah, yeah! I laughed  very, very hard at that, but not as hard as I laughed at this MV.

The MV Plot + Execution
boyfriend band obsession (6)
DEAR LORD, someone needs to get fired over this (I know I say this a lot, but this person is a monster and needs to be stopped). I don’t even know where to begin. This MV was so bad it inspired an entire post called Things That Need To Be Retired From K-Pop MVs because it contained so many cliches. But honestly, this was one hilarious mess that I enjoyed and will be talking about for years. There’s a plot somewhere, it’s just that my tiny, narrow mind can’t possibly grasp it’s artistic, intricate subtext. As my best friend put it, the Boyfriends (that’s how I will refer to them from now on, it really flows) have taken over B1a4′s “secret hideout” and made it disgustingly hipster/gangster. They went and bought themselves some of those washable tattoos, discount skateboards, and second-hand clothes from a particularly dark fashion period in Taeyang’s career, and then filmed this thing. They tried to pull a (Beast) Fiction, throwing books around and trying to make a parallel connection to a fairytale, but it was so vague and disjointed that any T-ARA video makes more sense. The only thing I’m certain of is that there’s this shadowy bad guy who is possessive over the female lead and that I find only one of the twins attractive (which is weird…because they’re identical).
Boyfriend Band Obsession (3)At the end of the MV, the boys have grown bored with playing billiards and performing elementary school science experiments, and decide to plant a bomb in their brightly lit dance room. Here, they find the love interest and are immediately drawn to her. Then shadowy guy takes the girl hostage and places the totally real bomb against her chest. Then she blows up dramatically after he throws her away for totally specified reasons.
Boyfriend Band obsession much wow

When she blew up, I started laughing uncontrollably. What a wonderfully contained explosion. That explosion made JYJ’s Ayyy Girl look like a cinematographic masterpiece. Then comes the most majestic ending I have ever seen: one of the band members (I only know the twins’ names and I don’t care to look any of the other members up) seems to have lost his hand in the explosion and places a very menacing looking hook over his severed forearm. I need a moment….how on EARTH was this sold to the company? What was this creative team smoking? Oh god! No takebacks! This is published for the world to see. I’m sorry, but if you’re a Boyfriend fan and you like this, I’m praying for you.
Boyfriend band obsession hahahahahaha

The Wardrobe

Boyfriend band Obsession (2)
Sassy Gay Friend
The Acting

Somewhere in Korea, Gyuri just woke up from a nightmare because someone with more incredible acting skills than her is finally reaching his full potential.

Boyfriend Band ObsessionMV Rating: 5 Stars/ 5 Stars [This is legendary stuff.]

No seriously, these poor guys…

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  1.   June 7, 2014, 6:21 am

    well, if you really do understand a twist you might get the answer. Yes, I do like the MV and I’m respecting your opinion if you don’t like it. But i think you’re way over the limit. Just understand the whole damn part alright? It just happened that it’s a peter pan story full of TWIST that peter pan was the bad guy in the MV. I’m not mad but It’s not really good to judge a Music Video without even knowing the whole damn thing! When I was reading this tears begun falling in my eyes. Yes, I am totally hurt. The MV is funny? hah! you don’t even know the flow! I understand korean so yea. I freaking understand the MV. So if you’re laughing right now, I wish it will not be a cause to your death.

    •   June 7, 2014, 12:47 pm

      I got the Peter Pan fairytale reference, but it was extremely disjointed and badly put together. Visually, I felt this video was a disaster, from the wardrobe choices to the way the scenes were cut. It was as if they were trying to do a million things at once but gave up on each way half way through (e.g. fairytale concept, sex-appeal concept ~the punching bag scene~, mystery without a proper exposition as to who is the shadowy man in the MV). I won’t apologize for laughing because it was hilariously awful and like you said, I’m entitled to my opinion. Just answering so you know that I did get the “becoming Captain Hook” reference at the end. And I hope that Boyfriend continues doing more videos like Janus, where the concepts of good and evil are well executed and they’re not forced to wear ridiculous clothes. Also, songs that are amazingly catchy like I Yah. Finally, I’m sorry, but I’m confused by your comment, did you say you cried when you read that tears were falling down my face or you were simply hurt by it? Honestly, this is a blog about “worthless opinions.” Only the opinions of the people that you love in your life matter. I made this blog to write about K-Pop and share my thoughts with others who share the same love. Sometimes posts will be like this where I will share how utterly ridiculous a concept is, and obviously people will disagree and others will agree. You should take everything in life with a smile and if someone says something bad about the band you love then you should shrug it off or find the humor in it as well. Or feel free to “defend” them by commenting back, but never take something as trivial as a music review personal to the point of (sad) tears.

  2.   June 7, 2014, 2:47 pm

    Your best friend has found your well hidden blog. I demand a Taeyeon post since there seems to be a lack of my ultimate bias. Do this and I won’t tickle you to death in a few hours. Also, I have chocolate…you like chocolate and I like Taeyeon, therefore, equivalent exchange. GIVE ME TAEYEON or TOP gets it.

    •   June 7, 2014, 2:52 pm

      Also, the girl who commented is crazy as…I’m not from NZ I refused to finish that sentence.

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