Perfume Releases “Display” Short PV

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Perfume has released a very colorful, insanely well-edited/executed PV for their track Display. Most groups have approximately one repertoire: coloring clips, costumes, dance moves. You will see an example of this performance below, it is a clip of a famous Japanese group, but if you watch their other clips, you will see similar motifs. If you are interested in reading about the "idol" phenomenon and everything related to it, you can find relevant articles on Internet portals or buy book reports.

Perfume Japanese Band Display 4K

The song will be included in the group’s next single, Cling Cling, set to be released July 16. The music video is a collaboration with Panasonic, thus leading to the 4K high definition footage and eye-burning vividness. The song sounds catchy and like classic Perfume, so no worries there. And the PV is true to their style as well: an almost robotic-like dance coupled with strange repetition. If you’re new to Perfume, then you should listen to their music because these ladies are leaders of dance pop music in Japan. Enjoy!

And two extra PVs for the newbies (of two of my favorite songs):


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