AKB48 Resume Activities Under Tight Security

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AKB48 Akihabara Theatre Performance Tight Security

AKB48 have resumed their promotional activities for Renai Kinshi Jorei, after the unprecedented attack on fellow members Anna and Rina by a crazed man wielding a blade at a handshake event. On June 2nd, the girls performed at the Akihabara Theatre and are receiving a lot of media attention for their new “airport security.” What does this mean? Well, they used to have 8 security staff members, and now they have 17. In addition, 4 security guards and 2 metal detectors were set up at the entrance of the theater. This is how it looked (Let’s play “Spot the Salarymen!”):

AKB48 Akihabara Theatre Performance Tight Security (2)AKB48 Akihabara Theatre Performance Tight Security (3)AKB48 Akihabara Theatre Performance Tight Security (4)Also, the fans were asked to leave the first row of seats empty and an iron railing was set up to prevent anyone from easily jumping on stage. And just to make sure, 4 security guards were between the railing and the stage, persistently inspecting the crowd of spectators. Take a look:

AKB48 Akihabara Theatre Performance Tight Security (5)

Is it too much? NO. But I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before fans start complaining about long waiting lines and breaches of privacy. Three people got sent to the hospital. They were attacked by a knife wielding psycho who wanted to kill them. They all required emergency surgeries and god knows they’ve been permanently traumatized to not trust any fan. I’m sure they’re a lot of cynical people out there who are like, “Oh poor little Japanese girls making a shit ton of money out of generic pop that they’re selling to 40 year old perverts.” You know what, whatever, you’re just an ignorant douche. I make fun of AKB48 all the time, god knows I make fun of anything that breaths and even some inanimate objects, but when someone get’s attacked – that’s not funny. No one ASKS to be attacked. I’m saying this because I’ve seen some pretty disgusting comments online, some even hoping that the attack inspires the girls to retire or leaves them permanently scarred. If you’re one of those people, then get help, you’re psychologically unhinged. If you’re one of the fans that gets a chance to attend these events, don’t complain but rather support these security measures. God knows it’s only a matter of time before AKS starts slowly removing them until they’re back to their old, cost-effective security.

Here’s a picture of Rina and Anna leaving the hospital. As one of my sassy best friends would say, “Stay pressed h8rz.”

AKB48 Rina Kawaei Anna Iriyama Leave Hospital(Sources)

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