Vampire Seo Hyun Cuts Hair

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SeoHyun Cuts HairGirls’ Generation’s Seo Hyun cut her hair and all I can say is…how on EARTH do you look younger now than when you were 16? Are you and Yo Seob like secretly harvesting the Fountain of Youth (is it the Face Shop? I don’t know!). I need to start researching what skin creams this girl endorses because they do miracles. I’m going to dedicate an entire segment to it, so look forward to that jealousy-filled post. On a sidenote, this picture came out during my Seo Hyun search and I was like, when did Taemin dress up as a girl again?

Girls Generation Young SeohyunAnd since this post feels pretty empty so far, here is Taemin actually dressed up as a girl getting serenaded by TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Yes. Really. Some girls get all the luck…(what…this is totally not what I wanted to originally post. Nonsense.)


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