Weirdest MBLAQ Photoshoots

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I love MBLAQ, I do. They are under-appreciated and under-promoted. They are also victims of some of the weirdest photoshoots I’ve ever seen. Without further ado, I give you MBLAQ’s weirdest professional photos (we’re not counting social media here because God this would be a long post). Bless their hearts.

MBLAQ Special GIFMBLAQ Ceci Photoshoot Cereal Bandits(That time they tried to steal someone’s cereal while committing numerous crimes against fashion.)

MBLAQ Cheondung Weird Phto(When Cheondung’s clothes spoke more than him.)

Lee Joon Ceci Photoshoot lick(That time Lee Joon licked himself in a corner.)

MBLAQ Cheondung Weird Photo (2)(When Chendung became the fifth Teletubby.)

Lee Joon Ceci Photoshoot spoons(I don’t even know.)

MBLAQ Photoshoot(When the most uncomfortable motion pose ever made was immortalized.)

MBLAQ Lee Joon Sure Magazine 2014(That time the theme was steamtrain worker in the kitchen.)

MBLAQ Cheondung marie claire 2012(When Cheondung was forced to wear those pants and got cramps .)

MBLAQ This is War

(I JUST noticed the dog! Holy crap! That’s how much G.O.’s fluff detracted me! This came out like two years ago!)

MBLAQ Lee Joon Marie Claire 2012(That time Lee Joon impersonated a flamingo while enjoying a lollipop.)

mblaq-jaekyung-arena-homme-06(And that time Lee Joon was 2 Fab 4 U.)

Cheondung Lee Joon Photo Shoot(That time Cheondung was creeping behind Lee Joon shirtless.)

MBLAQ ridiculous photos4(Actually, these two are ALWAYS doing something weird.)

MBLAQ ridiculous photos2(When Cheondung just needed a minute.)

Cheondung Thunder Photoshoot MBLAQ(And then left on his super, super cool skateboard…)

Never change MBLAQ, never change.

MBLAQ Powerrangers(Sources)

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