Best K-Pop CF Songs

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Here is my list of the best/most unforgettable/LEGENDARY K-Pop CF songs. Some are cute, some are funny, and others are parasites that seep into your brain and decide to crawl out in the middle of a final like a sudden seizure. Enjoy! (At your own risk.)

13. Girls’ Generation’s Cooky
[A.K.A. My BF knows about this blog and I wanna live, so this song is in this list.]

12. JYJ’s Get Out
[A.K.A. Don't really know how cheating helps promote a phone but I really don't care. Keep looking pretty Junsu.]

11. Girls’ Generation Visual Dreams
[A.K.A. Did Sunny seriously just say "come into my core?!"]

10. Orange Caramel’s Abing, Abing
[A.K.A. Too cute...can't...stop...looking!]

9. Dara’s Kiss
[A.K.A. Dara was trying to sell beer to me while I was underage and I didn't even know it.]

8. Kang Seung Yoon’s Have You Ever Fallen In Love?
[A.K.A. Can I adopt you?]

7. 2NE1′s Try To Follow Me
[A.K.A. This is such an autotuned hot mess so why do I love it?!]

5. Girls’ Generation’s Chocolate Love
[A.K.A. This song makes me hungry for phones and that is NOT normal.]

4. Girls’ Generation and 2PM’s Cabi Song
[A.K.A. Oh Cabi, Cabi! The hottest, hottest!]

3. Girls’ Generation and Super Junior’s Seoul Song
[A.K.A. Right in the feels.]

2. BIGBANG and 2NE1′s Lollipop
[A.K.A. I bought a Lollipop phone after this song. True story. So pink. I wanted to be disgusted with myself but just kept singing this song instead.]

1. Anyband’s (Boa, Junsu, Tablo, Bora) – Talk, Play, Love
[A.K.A. No one can and no one ever will top this. The fact that this band doesn't really exist hurts me.]

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