Orange Caramel “Catallena” Food Style

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Orange Caramel Catallena Food Style (3)lizzy-orange-caramel-catallenaIt takes guts to wear a half-full, disposable juice drink as a headband accessory—but the girls of Orange Caramel wore the plastic like expensive tiaras. For their Catallena promotions, Nana, Lizzy and Raina were styled in some of the quirkiest, craziest, and funniest clothes that I’ve seen on a K-Pop stage in some time. From sushi to fast food, from ramen to pretzels, they made everything look delicious and adorable. Now it’s your turn to accessorize with some food-themed pieces of your own. Wear them well and, please, don’t eat them.

Food Acessories Orange Caramel1. Coco Punch Shades ($65.00)
2. Spritz a Wonderful Life Bag ($44.99)
3. Burger & Fries Earbud Headphones ($18.00)
4. Fruit Tart Earring Pack ($15.00)
5. Jade Spade Ballerina Flats ($258.00)
6. Betsey Johnson the Frozen One Clutch ($68.00)
7. Buttery Syrup Waffle Ring ($10.00)
8. Smore Chocolate Donut Charm ($5.00)
9. Deluxe Sushi Sampler Charm Bracelet ($30.00)
10. Fungi House Backpack ($69.99)
11. Forever Fruitful Bag ($44.99)
12. Bagel Earrings ($12.00)

Raina Catallena MV

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