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Today I’ll be reviewing Beast’s Good Luck MV, a.k.a. What Happens In Vegas Will Be Sung About In Korea But Not Really MV.

Beast Good Luck MV (2)

The Song

Oh my god, I like a Beast song. The first one in a long time (I can’t believe I Knew It was released in 2012). The chorus is insanely catchy, there wasn’t so much autotune I wanted to burn down the Cube building, and Yo Seob continues to be one of the best and most recognizable voices in K-Pop.

Beast Good Luck Yo SeobGood Luck is a song dedicated to an ex-lover as a final goodbye. It has the usual groveling (heart sick, heal me, be crazy, can’t let you go!) but it’s slightly different in the sense that it centers on wishing the other person happiness, instead of solely concentrating on self-pity. I feel like the song is the manifestation of a mature breakup. I mean, let’s face it, when people get there hearts broken they don’t reply with, “I love you, baby, I’m not a monster.” —or— “This is not the end. Surge, call out. Please don’t throw me away, baby! “ I mean, if your breakup did include that dialogue, seek help immediately, he or she will be back…with duck-tape and rope and a slew of fantasies. I feel like I’m describing a sasaeng…

Beast Good Luck MV Dong Woon (Dong Woon facepalm)

Anyway, this clean break up response was the only smart decision these guys made though. Why would they get so intensely invested in relationship even though the girl said from the very beginning that they were going to break up (major red flag guys). Also, as a first, Dong Woon sounds very nice in this song. I don’t know if it’s finely aged autotune or singing lessons, but keep it up. As for Jun Hyung—how does he manage to sound drunk in every song? I feel like his preparation process includes downing an entire bottle of vodka before recording. Instead of “no cure for my disease,” I heard, “no cure for my dizzy.” Which fit my alcoholism hypothesis but turns out I was totally wrong.

MV Plot + Execution

Beast Hyun Seung Good Luck MV (2)I loved the opening sequence to the MV. The fact that Doo Joon covers his ex-lover with a blanket so she isn’t cold and also puts on her high heels (so that she can make a speedy getaway) says a lot about his love for her. I’m almost positive this is supposed to signify that the Beast members will always help the ex-girlfriend, even if it means assisting her love affairs. However, after that little instrumental intro, the MV got very conventional again with a lot of dance sequences (which were nicely choreographed but very typical of pop). Honestly, I feel like the MV was too boring for the song. I wish there would have been more hotel room scenes with a progressing plot. Those were actually the most interesting parts. Maybe a murder, or two. Oh wait, this is a mature break up, right, right. Though I do like how each guy represents a discarded conquest. The idea that they’re all spying on each other feels more like a representation of what they think the girl is doing now that she has left them. They know her character. They know she’s preying and using her charms.

Beast Good Luck MV KPop (2)Beast Good Luck MV KPop (3)Beast Good Luck MV Dong Woon (2)Also, I get the Vegas luck pun, but it was a little overdone with all the casino-ish neon signs. I did, however, enjoy the part where Jun Hyung is stabbed and money flies out of him like he’s a slot machine.

Beast Jun Hyung Good Luck MV Stabbed

I think that might allude to a subplot in the MV that isn’t discussed in the song. I have a feeling the girlfriend left her lover after squeezing every last penny out of him, as she does with all her boyfriends because she’s a cold-hearted golddigger. Also, I see this MV director also likes the Last Supper, a la YG.

Big Bang T.O.P. Turn It UpThe Dance

My favorite part about this MV is the peace-sign dance! They do it when they sing, “Good luck!” It’s like, peace, later, see you whenever (insert manly shrug). I love it. The fact that they punch their chest before doing it probably symbolizes their hearts aching, meaning they’re putting on an act as they try to aloofly sing their goodbye.

Beast Good Luck MV KPop Dance (2)The Wardrobe

Okay, I have issues with this styling. First of all, Yo Seob already looks 12 and then you put these Little League Socks on him. Really?

Beast Yo Seob Good Luck MVAnd then, this happened:

Beast Hyun Seung Good Luck MV(Bandana + Leather Cap + Jacket that only has the top button done + Uncomfortably loose leather pants = The end of a drunken Saturday as you stumble home not MV material.)

But, thank god, at the last minute EXO’s stylist snuck onto the set and dressed pretty Gi Kwang.

Beast Good Luck MV Ki KwangBeast Good Luck MV Ki Kwang (2)All is well in the world of K-Pop.

MV Rating: 3 Stars/5 Stars

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  1.   July 3, 2014, 1:08 am

    haha the music video concept was after a hong kong movie – 2046

    •   July 3, 2014, 2:36 am

      I was going to watch that movie a while back. I’ll definitely see it now! :)

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