“KARA Project” Ep. 3 Recap

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KARA Project Baby Kara Members ListI have a lifetime supply of Hershey’s on my lap. Let’s do this.

EP 3 Summary

The third episode of KARA Project begins with the girls practicing the choreography of Lupin extensively. The Baby Kara members struggled for various reasons: they had to dance with heels for the first time and kept slipping (I can barely walk in those so I understand—I keep buying them though, and falling on my face like a drunk giraffe), their choreographer’s glare could refreeze glaciers (I felt like I was watching an episode of Dance Moms), and their synchronization was way off. The girls then played a rather mean prank on “senior citizen” So Jin for her upcoming birthday and then surprised her with a cake. As gifts, the girls performed individually for their leader, with some awkward results. Consequently, I told my best friend I would sing for her as a present for her next birthday and she threatened to stab me if I did it, so I think those kinds of presents only work if your friends are musically talented. In the recording studio, they all impressed the vocal couch with their emotion and on-point delivery. Then, for the final performance, they danced in an outdoor stage at Lotte World! The girls were super excited since it’s the largest theme park in Korea. Apparently it was good that they were so pumped up because they were all pretty much great and for the first time the feedback was mainly positive. [Performance Only Below]

But as usual, this show can never end on a happy note. So after the girls were informed that the next song would be the Japanese track Go Go Summer, they started practicing the choreography. Their choreographer wasn’t happy and said their performance was as bad as Rock U. Then the choreography director showed up and told them to redo Lupin. After they finished he asked if anyone had practiced the dance again after he’d given his feedback. No one had. Oh, he was pissed. He took off his mic and asked the production team to give them a moment. When the crew left, he asked the girls bitingly, “Let’s assume two of you make it into the team. Do you think the current members will acknowledge you?” snap Wait, is it two or one? Oh I give up!

Contestant #1: So Jin

KARA Project baby Kara Lupin SojinFor the Lupin dance practice, So Jin worked those heels like they were glued to her feet. Though I do feel like she’s the kind of person that does insane zen poses in front of the mirror while wearing eight inch stilettos. For this episode, the other Baby KARA members tried to trick her into believing that Yoo Ji had gotten into a tearful fight with Chae Kyoung, creating an awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere in the dance studio. How on earth is this a good birthday surprise? So Jin played along, but then revealed at the end that she knew they were all acting. She knows them too well! She was very happy to receive all of the performance gifts from all the members and she ended their little impromptu party by doing a sexy dance herself. In the recording studio she did well, since all of the members received an overwhelming amount of praise. Afterward, So Jin went to a salon to get a makeover to put on a more charismatic performance. She cut her hair! She looked AMAZING though:

KARA Project baby Kara So JinKARA Project baby Kara So Jin (2)KARA Project baby Kara So Jin (3) In the final dance, she was chosen as the best performer by the vocal trainer. She thought she finally looked very confident, like the So Jin she knows.

Contestant #2: Shi Yoon

KARA Project baby Kara Lupin Shi YoonDuring the Lupin practice sequence, my special Shi Yoon had trouble keeping her balance with the heels on (for a very special flamingo-ish move I missed noticing in all the KARA live performances). For her gift to So Jin, she was the only member that acted out a dramatic fighting monologue (loooove this girl). And in usual Shi Yoon fashion, she ended it abruptly when she forgot her line and started laughing. But apparently her acting was convincing enough to make poor So Min teary-eyed. As a punishment for forgetting her script, she was made to do a very cute “angh” and it was ADORABLE.

KARA Project Baby Kara Shi YoonSince Shi Yoon has been consistently in 6th place, it would take a holy miracle for her to make it into KARA. But personally, I don’t want her to, since I think she would be great in another band as a mix between Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and KARA’s late Nicole (…what…I’m not being dramatic…). She would be the kind to fall asleep mid-interview while wrongly answering math problems. In the recording studio, once again, the vocal coach praised her even though I still feel like she’s really weak in that department; but then again, I don’t know how she was when she first started so this might be a massive improvement. When she got her mini make-over for the final performance, they pulled back her bangs and she said that she felt as if her forehead had grown. After the final dance performance, the choreography director thought she was good, but needed to be more than that to stand out. He wants her to find an individual charm.

Contestant #3: Young Ji

KARA Project baby Kara Lupin Young JiSo we finally get to see Young Ji in the dance studio, and like most of the girls she struggled a bit with the slippery heels. In the Deceive So Jin scheme that epically failed she played the part of peacekeeper and storyteller to engage So Jin so some of the girls could go get the cake. She sang So Jin a (love?) song as a birthday present. She did well in the recording studio, so nothing to report there. In the bus on the way to the third mission, she was the most nervous since this was her first mission.

KARA Project Young JiAfter the final performance, the vocal trainer thought she had a very good vocal performance  but didn’t adapt to the theme of the song in her dance. She was supposed to be fierce and provocative, but stayed in her comfort zone of cute, and was thus the weakest performer.

Contestant #4: Chae Kyoung

KARA Project baby Kara Lupin Chae KyoungFor the Lupin dance practice, Chae Kyoung volunteered to do the “point dance” with So Min. That’s the section of the dance where two dancers do an aerobics flip move that has to be perfectly in sync. The choreographer was impressed with her ambition, since she didn’t expect her to want to do the difficult move. Chae Kyoung was apparently in a volunteering mood because she also chose to be the member that supposedly got into an argument with Yoo Ji because of her “frustrating behavior.” As a gift for So Jin, Chae Kyoung danced along to a Beyonce song. While in the recording studio, the vocal couch was impressed with her vocals and asked her to do the distinct “Ow!” in the song. She did it, but the director quickly said to forget it, making everyone laugh. After the final performance, the choreography director thought she had improved a lot and the chief director chose her as the best (he said she finally had a presence). In a scene shown after the end of the show, she rides a roller-coaster with the rest of the girls and does not enjoy it one bit.

kara project baby kara chae kyoung rollercoasterContestant #5: So Min

KARA Project baby Kara Lupin So MinAs usual, my precious So Min remains consistent and lovable. During the dance practice, she was one of the few that seemed to quickly adapt to the high heels. Then, she sang a very beautiful love ballad as a gift to So Jin, proving she’s comfortable with live vocal performances as well. In the recording studio, the vocal coach was pleased that her vocals had emotion, not just stability. Enthusiastic clapping After the final performance, the choreography director said she had improved and had more intensity. Nothing more to report, sadly, other than the fact that she looked so much like Hara in this episode that I wrote this entire paragraph calling her Hara and didn’t catch the mistake until my third read-through.

KARA Project Baby Kara So Min Looks Like Hara(Sometimes I feel like she looks more like Hara than Hara does…does that even make sense?!)

Contestant #6: Chae Won

KARA Project baby Kara Lupin Cha WonDuring dance practice, Chae Won was one of the girls that really struggled with the dance because of the tall stilettos. She was really slow when it came to switching positions and even bumped into some of the members ungracefully. For her gift, she sang Chrisette Michele’s Like A Dream. The song is in English and I thought she was fluid and understandable, which is great. Her voice is also perfect for R&B. At this point in the competition, I’m pretty sure she won’t make it into the band (this is between Young Ji, So Min, and So Jin), but I hope that when she does debut, they don’t squander her talent with excessive autotune. In the recording studio, she did the Nicole intro very well (except for maybe the word “couture” which was unrecognizable, but I know Americans who can’t say that word right). After the final performance, the chief director chose her as the worst performer. He said it was because she had the least amount of training, but sadly the audience doesn’t know how much harder she has to work to compete with the other girls.

Contestant #7: Yoo Ji

KARA Project baby Kara Lupin Yoo JiWhile practicing the Lupin choreography in the dance studio, Yoo Ji struggled with heels a lot. Since she’s very young, she’s not used to wearing heels so she kept slipping, wobbling and losing her balance. Afterwards, she conspired with the girls to prank So Jin for her birthday and volunteered to be the one that cried and pretended to be upset. She even talked back! She was convincing, I totally thought she was giving attitude. I remember saying, “Excuse me, maknae?!” After the jig was up and the girls began to perform, Yoo Ji had a special dance for So Jin. Okay, this is when things get weird. She danced sexily along to Ciara’s Body Party, which includes the lyrics, “I can’t keep my hands off you, your body is my party. I’m doing this little dance for you.” Does she…know? Ah….okay…..Then,, they put this narration of her saying, “What was that smirk on my face?” as she continued to dance and So Jin smiled up at her. Ha! It was just hilariously awkward. Not because they’re girls, but because I have a feeling Yoo Ji has no idea what that song is saying and she’s like 17. She ended it with a really cute heart jump though.

KARA Project Yoo Ji GIFAfter the final performance, the vocal trainer was impressed that she could look so strong and confident despite her young age but thought she still sounded too cute (she’s 17! And looks 12!).

**Results for KARA Project’s Third Round of Votes

1st. Young Ji
2nd. So Min
3rd. So Jin
4th. Chae Won
5th. Chae Kyoung
6th. Shi Yoon
7th. Yoo Ji

Alan Rickman Flips Table GIFI’m running out of angry GIFs! So Jin is back down to third place. But my So Min is at least up to second…though she deserves first. This show is going to end up giving me like a stroke. If Young Ji wins, I might be hospitalized for chocolate poisoning.

Episode 3 is below:


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