Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Kira Kira Killer” PV Is A Sugar-Coated Aneurysm

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Kyary pamyu pamyu Kira Kira KillerThe PV for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s tenth physical single Kira Kira Killer of her Pikapika Fantasian album is out! In the PV, Kyary travels to the Spirit World, tries to save a goat king from Hell, grows a mustache and steals Cheongdung’s super, super cool skateboard. I don’t think even Lewis Carroll in the midst of one of his most intense drug-fueled episodes could correctly interpret this video. A lot of fans aren’t feeling her fashion for this PV but I like it, it’s obviously inspired by Comme des Garcons. I wish this would have been Light’s theme in Death Note though. How epic would that have been? Oh god, can’t stop laughing! I’m imagining L swaying along to the beat. I think what I always love about Kyary videos is that her dance moves remind me of different Sailor Scout transformation dances. Kyary would have made the most amazing Sailor Moon character. She’s the one that fights plaque!

Kyary pamyu pamyu Toothbrush Commercial
Wow, I have really deviated from the point in this post. Anyway, the PV is below!

By the way, the song was used for a Japanese commercial to sell some kind of phone app. (This thing is just as confusing.)

Please remember to support the artists. To buy Kira Kira Killer off iTunes go here.

And if you’re new to Kyary, welcome to a whole new woooooorld! Kyary’s music is a mix of video game ringtones and candy commercial instrumentals. Some of my favorite PVs are below:


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