Sera To Graduate From Nine Muses (Tearworks, Fireworks)

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9-Muses-Sera-Prima-DonnaMy lovely Sera has decided to graduate from Nine Muses. Her contract with Star Empire expired and she has decided to leave the company. Nine Muses has been losing members faster than Jewelry these days! Frankly, I’m extremely sad, Sera was my favorite in Nine Muses (though I still have Kyungri), but at the same time I’m very happy. Although Nine Muses was finally beginning to chart decently, Star Empire is just a terrible company. And by that I mean, it’s headed by a terrible CEO named Shin Joo Hak. If you guys don’t know, prior to their debut, Nine Muses started in a documentary called Nine Muses of Star Empire. The trailer is below:

The film was created to show the hardships that trainees go through in order to debut. It’s a good film that shows how terribly superficial and harsh the music industry is in Korea. Their CEO is a total misogynist, who views the girls as nothing but mannequins that parade around pretty clothes and dance around in synchronization. In one scene, he’s seen slapping Sera across the face with a rolled up paper as he screams in her face. And she just smiles and looks down, as if she’s used to this kind of behavior, as if this isn’t the first time he’s struck her.

Nine Muses of Star Empire Sera Slapped By CEOSera deserves better than this. Hell, any girl in any band deserves respect. I think if that CEO were to have done that to me I would have been arrested afterwards because I would have shoved the Let’s Have A Party album down his throat. So congratulations to Sera, for leaving such a terrible company. I’m sure she’ll miss her band members but hard decisions must be made in order to improve one’s standing in the industry and their work environment. Fingers crossed that Sera doesn’t leave the industry altogether, but rather, transfers companies (Please take Kyungri with you).

By the way, she has a personal YouTube account where she uploads covers and original songs. You guys should follow her here.


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