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Today I’ll be reviewing History’s Psycho A.K.A. Hair Pulling Is Becoming A Thing In K-Pop Dances and I’m Totally Cool With It MV.

History K-Pop Band Psycho MV SmilePsycho Movie Smile (2)The SongHistory K-Pop Band Psycho MV (6)

History is back with an awesome song. This is literally the theme song of a serial killer. I am impressed. Previously, I featured the group in my Standout K-Pop Bands That Debuted in 2013 feature and I’m really glad I did, because this song and MV are so beautifully executed. As the lyrics proclaim, “when the light fades into dusk, the whole world is on my side” and “once everybody who might see is deep asleep, I’ll go get you.” I have zero problem with the stalker lyrics because the song is literally called Psycho and I mean, for the love of god, they’re in straight jackets for their teaser images. Obviously this isn’t acceptable behavior but rather an artistic experience. Unlike other songs that have some pretty unhealthy lyrics and try to pass off the conduct as acceptable and normal, this is a  video with obvious repercussions and visible mental deterioration.

The part, “You’re gonna like this play,” is fantastic! It has bloodthirsty, cocky murderer all over it.You know the “bad boy” factor that is famous for inducing Stockholm Syndrome? I think this song is playing off that. The murderer in the song says all the right things to be a puppeteer, but in the MV, you see the true instability of his nature. There’s no bad boy, only a monster. But I think what I love the most is how the lyrics correctly depict the mindset of a psychopath that’s also an expert sociopath. They are extremely manipulative and, although often times introverted, know how to perfectly blend into normal society (“Nobody is going to believe you, they’ll think there’s no way I could do something like this.”). There’s also the brainwashing factor, where they tell their victim how they should feel (“Don’t say no, we both know that’s not how you really feel.”) and excuse their behavior as a misunderstanding (“I’ll be nice, so try to understand.”).

History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (7)This felt like a song VIXX would sing, which makes me love it even more. History is definitely on my radar after this song. The mid-tempo instrumental felt like a classy thriller theme.

The MV Plot + Execution

First of all, beginning with the members going to church and pretending to repent for their sins while feeling positively guiltless was a great way to set the mood for the MV. I also loved, LOVED that whenever they were dancing, it looked like the members were in an attic! Yes, yes, a million times horror-thriller-cliche yes!

The MV plot follows the story of the cinematographic American classic Psycho (1960). It not only follows the plot, but it borrows a lot of classical scenes from the movie (in addition to Dial M For Murder and Rear Window), as well as the decor and unforgettable black-white contrast. For those of you that don’t know the film, it’s about Norman Bates, the proprietor of a remote hotel. Norman (Spoiler alert) is a serial killer of women. He spies on and then kills the women who History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (4)stay in his hotel because he has some serious mommy issues (as in, he’s literally keeping his mother’s corpse around and sporadically feels possessed by her evil). He also suffers from multiple personality disorder, which he uses as a copping mechanism to escape his horrible crimes. Now doesn’t that sound intense and fascinating? It is. It is a very good movie and this is a very good MV. The poor, poor female lead in this MV moved into a house where her front door neighbor has five psychotic personalities. I mean, I think it’s great that they’re sharing rent but the guys aren’t too keen on sharing a victim. The guys are positively obsessed with this girl: they call her all the time just to hear her voice, they take photographs of her that they later paste all over their walls, write her creepy letters and often fantasize about killing her. Some pretty violent, vivid tendencies.

There are specific scenes where one of the members begins to attack the female lead, and then another member intervenes. The two members end up getting into a physical scuffle every time. This was a representation of the members’ split personalities: the good side tries to stop the bad side from killing the girl they’re obsessed with. This idea of split personality really is the theme of the MV. You see it in a lot of different instances:

History K-Pop Band Psycho MVHistory K-Pop Band Psycho MV (2)History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (3)

In the end of the MV, they can no longer control the urge to kill the female lead since it is the only way they feel they can connect with her. They are then tried for their crimes and institutionalized in a mental asylum, where they relive the murder over and over again.

History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (8)History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (9) The Dance

This dance is crazy fun. My favorite dance move is the “heroin addict scratch.” Sihyoung just looks totally demented doing it, like he’s haunted or trying to pull the other personalities out of him.

History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (10)Then there’s the “human cage dance.” Where the other personalities try to contain the only true, human member. But he bursts through, because like the lyrics proclaim, no one can stop him.

History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (11)And of course, the ever obligatory “crotch grab.” I’m still slightly confused as to how this part relates to the song, but maybe it’s the whole psycho sadomasochist mindset of “can’t stop this.”

History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (12)

The Wardrobe

Oh my god, the part where the members are wearing outfits that resemble the usual jailbird stripes floored me. I don’t know why. I just loved it.

History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (14)The leather harnesses were also great and made sense, considering that they’re in a mental asylum that usually requires restraint. And finally, suits. Yes. I love suits. Guys need to wear suites more and retire what my friend calls skinny-knees-revealing-shorts.

History K-Pop Band Psycho MV (13)
MV Rating: 4 Stars/5 Stars

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