“KARA Project” Ep. 5 Recap

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I’m frantically typing on my keyboard. Only like nine hours left until the live show broadcast!

EP 5 Summary

Okay, so we’re hours away from finding out who’s going to join KARA so let’s make this quick. This episode began in a very different manner than the rest. Instead of teasing the girls last minute about their performance location, the Baby KARA members were brought into a meeting room and informed that they were going to have an Olympic Park showcase (for 1200 spectators) filled with both group and individual numbers. The girls freaked out, prepared for the showcase and put on a successful show. Though the MC, Ding Dong, was kind of a jerk; he told a fan to not run too fast or he’d lose weight (though this is the SM translator we’re dealing with so he could have offered his kidney for all I know). Each member was also made to fulfill a promise they made to fans via video to encourage them to show up for the performances.The girls ended the showcase by performing their version of MR. and it seemed a bit messy to me, but there was no judgement afterward so we get no zoom-ins of the mistakes. After the show, the fans voted for their favorites as the girls lingered backstage in a state of melancholic relief. Days later (I assume, since we’re not really given an exact time frame) the girls are gathered one by one into the first room they were interrogated in for the reality show’s first episode. right in the feels At this point I was already hugging my pillow thinking, “Damn it. Why did I become so attached!?” The girls are then informed that they will be told who will end up performing in the next live episode (since not all of them will make it). Then they’re asked about their experiences and the whole, what if it isn’t you? I was so sad for Shi Yoon, because I knew she wouldn’t make it. The episode ends in suspense as multiple members break down in tears as they huddle together outside to comfort one another; while the audience remains nauseatingly oblivious of who made it. Though let’s be honest, we all know who made it…

Contestant #1: So Jin

KARA Project Baby KARA So Jin Episode 5

For her solo performance, So Jin chose to perform Christina Aguilera’s Ain’t No Other Man. I was both happy and concerned with this choice. For one, it’s a great song and So Jin has great musical taste. On the other hand, you should NEVER sing a Christina song. Christina will always make you look like nothing in comparison. I mean, sometimes even Christina shouldn’t sing a Christina song if she’s having a less-than-stellar vocal day. As a pro though, So Jin danced and sang, whereas the other girls only chose to do only one of the two. As promised to fans, So Jin did a sexy wave. In my opinion, she performed a series of tsunamis (Three fanboys in the audience also had strokes). In one of the ending interviews she revealed that her dad came to the showcase. Awww! Yay! It’s good to see him finally showing some support for his daughter’s career.

Contestant #2: Shi Yoon

KARA Project Baby KARA Shi Yoon Episode 5

For her solo performance, Shi Yoon, sadly, only danced instead of acted out a dramatic scene. Though my best friend and I agreed that we would have also enjoyed some extreme bike tricks. Her dance though was very entertaining and not awkward at all, which made me so happy! I wanna put her in my pocket and take her home. Also, if you guys spot the jaw-slacked fanboy during her performance you have to take a shot. As promised to fans, Shi Yoon did aegyo with Yoo Ji (if you hear the really loud, excited fanboy in the background at the announcement you also have to take a shot).

Contestant #3: Young Ji

KARA Project Baby KARA Young Ji Episode 5 Naughty Girl

For her solo performance, Young Ji danced along to Beyonce’s Naughty Girl. All I can say is, holy awkward dancing. This girl officially has no rhythm whatsoever in any kind of freestyle dance, please never give her any kind of creative freedom in that department, ever. She was literally just turning in place, shaking slightly to the right, slightly to the left, hair flip, repeat. Seriously? And aren’t you a singer? The fact that this girl probably made it to the live broadcast irritates me to no end. For her promise, Young Ji asked the audience, “Who wants to dance using butts with me?” Why did I ever trust you SM translator? Like seriously. Anyway, if I thought her solo performance was awkward, this made me visibly cringe. So Young Ji has given up on life and can’t even sway now. If she makes it into KARA, I’m just going to pretend KARA is a four member band and just omit her from all my posts.

Contestant #4: Chae Kyoung

KARA Project Baby KARAChae Kyoung Episode 5

For her solo performance, Chae Kyoung danced along to Beyonce’s Partition (Beyonce is getting so much free promo in this show). Chae Kyoung is a cunning little thing. She came up with the idea of giving the vocal coach coffee in the last episode and for this one she decided to use a chair for her sexy dance number. That’s smart. Props bring life to performances. For her promise, Chae Kyoung said she would dance with someone on stage. Then the most prepped blond Korean boy that I have seen (not counting K-Pop divas) was dragged on stage to dance with her. He then complained that the beat of the song they were dancing to was too weak and that was pretty hilarious.

Contestant #5: So Min

KARA Project Baby KARA So Min Episode 5

For her solo performance, So Min sang Karina Pasian’s Slow Motion. These girls perform the most irrelevant songs. How did these random English songs make it to Korea? I liked that So Min stayed classy by sitting in a chair while singing her heart out as a piano played in the background. Stay perfect So Min. It was honestly the best performance and it’s not because she’s my favorite. Unfortunately her promise wasn’t fulfilled, which was to have all the Baby KARA members write their group name with their butts. SM translator, I swear, if I’m way off on that I will hunt you down. Fingers crossed that So Min makes it. But this girl is a professional and a hard worker. She will make it.

Contestant #6: Chae Won

KARA Project Baby KARA Chae Won Episode 5

For her solo performance, Chae Won sang some R&B song no one has ever heard in typical Chae Won fashion. Chae Won has a good voice but she needs to work on her stage presence. She literally stood in the middle of the stage, looking around at everyone awkwardly as she sang. She hardly moved. She needs to find her inner Utada; she needs to captivate people so much they don’t remember anything except her voice. Either way she was the second best performance and she’s not even my second favorite. For her promise, Chae Won serenaded a really tall male fan. Though a lot of girls got up and raised their hand as volunteers. I really thought their MC, Ding Dong, was totally biased and didn’t choose a SINGLE fan girl to go up on stage. The really tall fan was hilarious though, he was like this really soft-spoken, gentle giant.

Contestant #7: Yoo Ji

KARA Project Baby KARA Yoo Ji Episode 5

For her solo performance, Yoo Ji obviously did a hip hop number, gold chain and cap and all (a lot of questionable fashion choices were made that night). I really couldn’t get into her dance even though it wasn’t boring. Yoo Ji’s a good dancer but her facial expressions didn’t match the beat or theme. She was just smiling really happily, as if she was trying to be all cutesy while popping.  If you’re going to dress like that and dance to that song, don’t emulate Girl’s Generation’s Gee with your facial expressions. For her promise, she performed aegyo with Shi Yoon. Out of all the members shown crying in the end, Yoo Ji was the one that vocalized why she was crying. She said that she was sad that she would have to be separated from some of her team members since they’d become so close.

Contestant #8: Ding Dong

KARA Project Baby KARA Ding Dong

School of Rock You're Tacky and I Hate You GIF

My Predictions:

Who will make it? The top four have to be So Min, Young Ji (Grrr), So Jin and Chae Won. I don’t know how many will make it to the live performance, so we’ll see…

Episode Five is Below:


  1.   July 1, 2014, 5:39 pm

    Bad news for you – Youngji is now an official member of Kara (Why? Just why? A lot of fans seem upset and I understand. I already though that her dancing in the Japanese performance was a bit too slow and less elegant, and now she danced even worse and got into Kara?). Gyuri and Hara are goddesses, and I like Kara a lot but I can already see how Youngji’s addition is a disaster. She’ll be struggling with the dances and messing up the choreographies because she has to learn all the dances the other members know for years.
    Anyways, I hope for a new girlgroup consisting of Sojin, Chaekyung and a even dorkier Shiyoon (you can add Somin, too – I personally am a bit meh towards her but she’s probably the second most popular overall).

    •   July 1, 2014, 6:45 pm

      I’m not a religious person but I’m trying to find God right now while on my third cup of coffee. I feel like the worst case scenario literally just transpired before my eyes. Dear lord, I think I would have preferred Ding Dong over Young Ji in this group! Well, positives, the rest of Baby KARA is awesome and now untainted by Young Ji’s whateverness and I’m going to get a lot of epic Gyuri glare GIFs in future live performances. Stay strong Kamilia.The lord is testing us…


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