Young Ji Wins KARA Project [KARA is Doomed]

July 1, 2014  By  kpopbreak     5 Comments

This is a sad, sad day for humanity. We lost something wonderful today. We lost a flawless KARA and gained…I’m sorry, I need a moment.

Ewan Mcgregor Understands Me

Out of EVERYONE, Young Ji was my LAST, LITERALLY MY LAST choice to join KARA. This girl is an emotional roller coaster that is three rides away from plunging off the track and killing everyone riding it. Congratulations DSP, you’ve official doomed KARA. They definitely have like three years left tops. You think the three members are going to want to deal with this annoying girl and her omg-I’m-so-innocent pigtails? Really? The only great thing that came out of this is that I can accurately picture this girl’s first meeting with Gyuri behind-the-scenes. Gyuri’s going to cut a bitch. You think Young Ji cries enough now? Ha! Wait till she’s subjected to Gyuri’s epic glare. Can’t wait.

Gyuri Epic Glare Slow Motion

I can even accurately predict the existing KARA member’s expressions when this girl was crowned the winner:


Seungyeon dissapointed that Young Ji won and now has to be a part of flawless KARA even though she's basic as fuckGyuri’s:

KARA Gyuri Can't Handle This Right Now GIFHara’s:

Goo Hara Anooyed To Death

This is almost as disastrous as when Lim was added to the Wonder Girls.

On a side now, I want to divert now to the translator of this show. I have a special letter for him.

Dear SM Translator,

Thank you so much for being so horribly inaccurate that I thought till mere hours ago that two people would make it into this group. That, of course, is one of your more miniscule inaccuracies as only God knows what these girls were really saying half the time. Next time someone asks you whether you know English, please break into the EXO Mama monologue so that you are never hired ever again.


90% of the international fans who watched this show

So let’s concentrate on the positive. Which is that now the rest of Baby KARA can ban together and form a cohesive group that I would love. I have no problem with all the other members. Congratulations girls, you’re the lucky ones. You’re the ones that will take KARA’s place as DSP’s main group when KARA disbands and each of the actual three talented members break out into solo careers.

Finally, I don’t know who did this. But damn you.

KARA WikipediaP.S. The site is in transition right now so just ignore the layout and the crazy page errors. Everything will be fixed soon.


  1.   July 1, 2014, 10:26 pm

    COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE. I seriously believed it’d be Sojin/Somin, especially with the editing for Sojin. Youngji’s done absolutely nothing to prove she deserves to win. She’s popular with Korean and Japanese fans, but it’s clear that international fans are outraged about the result. Does Youngji expect Kara to accept her?..
    I couldn’t even watch her dance solo in ep 5. Awkward, lifeless. and I can’t stand her kicked-puppy attitude. UGH.
    Well Kara’s fucked, so I guess it’s good that Sojin, Somin, and the rest of them might debut in a new group. I’d be all for Sojin, Somin, Chaekyung, and Chaewon together. Maybe Yuji too. Shiyoon’s cute and her dancing in ep 5 was impressive, but she really doesn’t stand out and should try to be an actress instead.
    btw, i found your blog through Kara Project and I enjoy reading your posts :) keep it up!!

    •   July 3, 2014, 2:38 pm

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my crazy posts. Let’s look forward to Baby KARA’s upcoming career while enjoying all future Gyuri-Young Ji interactions for amusement.

  2.   July 3, 2014, 7:34 pm

    wow i just found you today! and i just love you a lot your posts are so entertaining to read and love all the sarcastic looking gifs (especially that of gyuri’s im plotting 99 ways to kill you while silently being beautiful you wouldn’t know this was a gif until you saw my hair moving) and about youngji:

    there’s something about her constant crying that annoys me so much and her personality just basically says it all about her future success aka minimal to none

    can you actually do me a favour though? i really want to know the name of the korean song chaewon sang. i keep on listening to her sing it and it’s beautiful goshh if you know the name please tell me! much thanks xx

    •   July 21, 2014, 8:35 pm

      I totally agree with this review and about Young Ji annoying face, I think it’s about fakeness

      Too bad I liked Somin/Sojin or ANYBODY instead her.

    •   July 3, 2014, 9:20 pm

      I’m glad you like the site. It’s a little crazy at the moment, but it’s coming together. Chae Won’s song is called “Legend of Tears.”


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