Fiestar “One More” MV Review

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This week I’ll be reviewing Fiestar’s One More a.k.a. Finally, A Straightforward Sex Song MV. MV in Asian culture is always very high quality, it can be compared to cinematography, because the quality of "picture" and "musical accompaniment", as well as "appearance" are the main evaluation criteria of viewers, which you can read about at

Fiestar One More MV Cao Lu Linzy Jei Yezi HyemiThe Song

Fiestar One More MV Cao Lu Linzy Jei Yezi Hyemi (2)One More is a huge step up for Fiestar after I Don’t Know, both in production value and lyrics. I Don’t Know was infuriating, since in it the girls were singing about not understanding why their bodies reacted in certain ways when around their boyfriend and why he wanted to stay overnight with them. The song portrayed women as sexually incompetent idiots who were so naive that they had to revert to a nursery-rhyme song to describe these confusing, intense emotions that they couldn’t possibly comprehend. One More is the complete opposite and thank god for that. My favorite verses are: “Why aren’t you catching up? (One More)” // “I’ve come so far without you. (One More)” // “You said you were good, so why are you knocked out? (One More)” // “We both need a little more.” The song is basically just a giant sexual experiment, where the girls are singing about wanting to have sex from “sunrise to nightfall.” Every time they say one more, it can either be interpreted as one more round or…adding one more person. So this song is reminiscent of Britney Spear’s 3, only it’s a little more subtle about it. In the song, the girls are rather disappointed about their boyfriends’ performances and ask for more stamina and adventure in the bedroom. I personally thought the song was super catchy, kinda sleazy but the good sleazy that everyone needs, and that instrumental is totally a T-ARA demo.

MV Plot + ExecutionFiestar One More MV Cao Lu Linzy Jei Yezi Hyemi (3)

For the MV theme, we get retro decor, bold colors and black and white contrast. I really liked the low camera angles where the girls are on the carpet barefoot: it’s sexy and raw without going into too-much territory. I think the girls were supposed to represent modern housewives and that’s kind of funny. Then there were the borders that were set around different frames to bring certain assets into focus, such as flaming red lips (The key-hole framing was cheesy though). But I think what I really liked was how the boyfriends were portrayed as boxers. In other words, the bedroom is the ring and men always feel as if they need to be alpha and controlling. They have a need to seem as if they’re in charge. But in this MV you have the girls being extremely unimpressed by this tough behavior, since it’s an act and the girls aren’t fooled by it. Their boyfriends are easily “knocked out” (ha, puns) and these girls, who are sexy, feminine and seemingly obedient, really hold the whip. And they are bored, and they want more, and either their boyfriends will improve their game or they’ll change it.

The Dance

In the MV it’s mainly this, which is pretty whatever.

Fiestar One More MV Cao Lu Linzy Jei Yezi Hyemi Dance (2)

Now I will like to redirect you to a live performance that shows the full dance. Specifically, to the 2:21 mark where a very, um, interesting dance begins taking place in the back. The girls lean down rather suggestively in front of the male dancers as one of the singers in the front tries to divert your attention from what’s happening back there…But we know. We all know.

The Wardrobe

T-ARA called, they want their clothes back.

Fiestar One More MV Cao Lu Linzy Jei Yezi Hyemi Dancejiyeon-number-9-t-ara-dance(Jiyeon is piiiissed.)

MV Rating: 3 Stars/5 Stars

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