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Sunny Hill Darling of All Hearts MV Gif

Mini Bio

Sunny Hill (Korean: 써니힐; debut 2007) the unconventional coed (Janghyun leaving never happened and if you say otherwise I will hunt down your bias and force them into illegal manual labor…oh wait…) group you always wanted minus the teenage hormones. The group began their humble beginnings through single album Love Letter, with members Kim Jang Hyun (김장현; born July 16,1985), Kim Eun Young “Jubi” (김은영; born August 4, 1986) and Lee Seung Ah (이승아; born March 29, 1987). Their first digital single Ring Back Tone (통화 연결음) earned them the Excellent Newcomer Album award as well as Rookie of the Month for October by Cyworld Digital Music Awards. Following a long hiatus the group returned with new member An Jin Ah “Kota” (안진아; born October 14, 1987) and company Nega Network. Through lablemate Narsha’s (
나르샤) song Mamma Mia the group was finally able to achieve recognition and final member Lee Mi Sung (이미성; born April 13, 1986) was added. After joining Loen Entertainment the group finally released their first mini album Midnight Circus and thus my life was flipped-turned upside down. No longer was K-Pop black and white, it now had many pigments, shades of colors that never in my life did I think were possible. Loen Entertainment I thank you for your wise and wonderful choices. Without further adieu…

Britney Spears Circus Music Video GIF
“Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Welcome to the most remarkable show your eyes can gaze upon! A spectacle so astonishing that you’ll be left with your jaws unhinged! Songs with powerful lyrics, videos with intelligent messages and compositions so well planned that SM Entertainment will scavenge for scraps years to come! The one…the only…SUNNY HILL!”

Britney Spears Circus Music Video GIF (2)The Members

Sunny Hill Midnight Circus MV JubiJubi (27)

Sunny Hill Midnight Circus MV SeungahSeung Ah (27)

Midnight Circus Sunny Hill MV KotaKota (26)

Midnight Circus Sunny Hill MV MisungMi Sung (28)

Sunny Hill Midnight Circus MV JanghyunJang Hyun (28)



Girls' Generation Sunny Beach Adorable Japan Photobook*cough* I mean…HːLLЁR (They changed their name.)
Colors: Sunshine Yellow

Debut – Love Letter & 2008 My Summer

This simple yet addicting song did not prepare us to what was ahead. At all!

Recognition – The Narsha~~~~~(I feel dirty.)

The potential was literally waiting to explode too bad Narsha was exchanging saliva most of the video for you to recognize it. To be completely honest I was not a fan of this song at all and I love LOVE Brown Eyed Girls, but it was great for getting Sunny Hill out there so by default I love this song, that’s how math works right? Also, by no means should you watch this in its entirety, it’s mainly Narsha trying to get away with soft porn. Skip to 2:41 trust me.

(Administrator E disagrees. Raina show her how much I care!)

Orange Caramel Catallena MV GIF Raina

The One MV to Rule Them All (Midnight Circus)

As the audience we are thrown into this video not knowing anything and my God was it effective. It begins with an elderly man entering a storage house where he sits and plays an accordion; its discordance allows the viewer to become completely immersed in the story, you instantly know that something is wrong by the way the unmelodious notes become drawn out. We are taken to a circus where the many acts await by practicing their performance. Everything seems normal until the video focuses on Seung Ah and through the reflection of the mirror we see that her words are not her own but the ones of the ringleader Jang Hyun, who is in constant control of everyone in his circus through the use of puppets and of course magic. The girls and the background dancers are at times in sync as creepy marionettes, which further represents how manipulation is the main theme of this song and video. Lyrics such as “I’m like a clown tied with a string” and “show must go on and never stop” embody what K-Pop has become. The video ends with the death of the performers…I’ll just end this rant with that.

Pray (기도) – Lalala

베짱이 찬가 (The Grasshopper Song)

Do you know what it is to have a song stuck in your head for majority of the year? DO YOU? I could not stop singing the stupid Ring-a-Ring-a-Ring part. This video narrates the old fable The Ant and the Grasshopper, which teaches us to work hard for the future. The ant (Jang Hyun) does his daily routines but is curious about the outside world. One day he spots the grasshopper (Jubi) and is intrigued, she is weak and winter is coming, but he decides to wonder outside just like her. Instead of following the fable’s ultimate lesson the video gives the side of the grasshopper a little more credit. In other words, work hard for a future but don’t be afraid to enjoy the moments as they pass you by. If you hear the bug noises in this song I applaud you. Let’s take a moment to enjoy the fashion in this video!

Sunny Hill The Grasshopper Song MV Janghyun

Midnight Circus Sunny Hill MV Misung (2)(She’s a cricket! When she moves her legs the strings in the background make it seem like she chirped.)

Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo Falling Yaaaas

The last two years didn’t happen.

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Sunny Hill The Grasshoppers Maxi Single

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