Nu’est “Good Bye Bye” MV Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing Nu’est’s Good Bye Bye a.k.a I see SS501 in the wardrobe, BIGBANG in the melodrama and Beast in the choreography. Good. Good. MV. Below you will read a critical review, so it will be easier for you to form an impression of the work as a whole by analyzing each component. If you want to analyze other (art) projects in a similar line, contact

Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV GIF Aron“Cause, baby, you’re a fiiiiiiirework!” 

The Song

Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV GIF JRThe song composition is pretty meh. I feel like MyName did this like three years ago. And a dubstep breakdown? Guys, really? It’s 2014. I mean most of the song is pretty, but it’s more of a forgettable obligatory ballad that is used to add tracks to an EP so it can pass off as a full album. These guys are in the same company that gave us sugar-crazy Orange Caramel and the auto-tuned infectious vixen that is Son Dam Bi. Give them something Pledis! Don’t let their music deteriorate like After School! I feel that Face, which was a hot mess of awesomeness, and Hello, which was so smooth and soothing despite it’s ridiculously cheesy lyrics, are the only good Nu’est songs and the rest are just okay. It’s a hit or miss with these guys and it shouldn’t be like that. Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV Minhyun GIFAs for the lyrical story, it’s about a guy who is dealing with a recent break up. The Nu’est members are trying to convince themselves that they can logically deal with their erratic emotions and live without their love. (But in the MV, one is tattooing himself spontaneously and the other one is eating a fish so they’re actually not really dealing very well with this situation but no one tell them that). This song does deserve to become at contender for sappiest K-Pop line of the year with: “I just need to tie my untied shoelaces and run again.” Deep.

The MV Plot + Execution

Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV Minhyun“Oh girl, I cry, I cry. You’re my all…say goodbye!”

Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV GIF
The BIGBANG melodrama is strong in this one and I love it! This MV was so much better than the song. Their strong point really is ballads, and by that I don’t mean the songs, I mean the MVs (oh god I feel like CL). I can almost forgive Aron for being in that Chad Future MV after this (…ha-ha…almost). The North never forgets Aron and neither will KPopBreak. This MV had some wonderful cliches that never go out of style: the cracked mirror symbolizing emotional instability, the frightened fish in the fishbowl that always slips through your fingers symbolizing unattainable love, the searing rose symbolizing a lustful vice. The lighting was also great! It was dark and mysterious, with faint lens flares that created a Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV Rendream-like/druggy atmosphere. I also loved the transitions where one member would open a door, the camera would seamlessly slip through and another member would already be inside. The shifting of focus like this was just very interesting and less choppy than most MVs. And there were so many great scenes: when Minhyun is tattooing himself on the bathroom floor, when Baekho is tearing the wallpaper, and when Ren regurgitates the rose. You know what this is? It’s a plot! It’s easy to understand what each scene represents yet the MV was shot in such a manner that you’re still entertained. Not to mention that all the members looked very handsome and polished in this MV. Ren remains flawless and can do no wrong.

The Dance

Their main dance reminded me of the Lonely City Man dance from Beast’s Fiction. It felt like their own version of it (hands-in-pockets isn’t a patented move after all). At first I thought it was just cute and simple. I don’t think Nu’est were trying to start a new dance move craze, since Beast’s choreography was so huge when it cameo out (I mean, there was even a POLL to name that specific dance move—I’m serious.). They wanted something that said sophisticated city guy but could easily be performed by thirteen year old girls.

Nu'est Good Bye Bye Choreography Dance MV ReviewBeast B2st Fiction MV Lonely City Man Dance

But then this happened…

Nu'est Good Bye Bye Choreography Dance MV Review (3)Okay, these guys are not messing around! They just added a serious jump-rope move to the Lonely City Man. You know what I need right now? Fan covers of this choreography. The amount of people that are going to fall on their faces is going to be spectacular! Start uploading guys, can’t wait! I still prefer the choreography for Judgement, but that song was sadly reduced to intro material. If you guys want to cover Judgement too that would be great, the possibility of injury is even higher in that one.

The Wardrobe

When I think of dark suits with sheer cutouts I automatically think of SS501, but Nu’est pulled off the look as well. Good choices were made here. Not a short in sight! (Okay, maybe I saw like half a second of one but I’m pretending I didn’t.)

Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV Minhyun GIF (2)
New Happiness GIF

This MV has also given me a new happy GIF. Next time something great happens, like hopefully “Jo Kwon is coming out with another solo album filled with obscure S&M and Harry Potter references” I can be like:

Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV GIF (2)

MV Rating: 3 Stars/ 5 Stars

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