Taemin To Have Solo Debut? / Let’s Plan It

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So there’s a rumor going around that Taemin is getting a solo debut. It stems from a simple Instagram update by MSA Talent Agency. The agency worked with SM Entertainment for Henry’s Fantastic mini-album comeback. In the post, the agency ambiguously said they’re excited to work with Taemin. If you follow the link you’ll notice that it has since been deleted. Is it true? Is it false? Did they spill the beans too quickly and SM made them take it down? OHMAGAD YES, the mere idea is amazing! So now I’m going to plan his debut, as if I were in charge instead of the uncreative little men that keep trapping Super Junior in brightly lit rooms (out of jealousy) and are slowly pushing EXO into TVXQ’s sexy maze.

  1. Jonghyun MUST be the lead actor in the MV. Jonghyun will take care of the rest, there’s no need to type anything else.SHINee Jonghyun Taemin Internet War SMTown Concert Sing TogetherSHINee Jonghyun Taemin HyunTae Internet War SMTown Concert Sing TogetherSHINee Taemin Funny GIF.
  2. Bring back the tiny, itty-bitty birthday hat. It was sort of ridiculous but sooooo cute. Just couple it with some McQueen leather pants, a Haider Ackermann biker jacket and some Prada boots and he’s going to kill all of the fangirls.SHINee Taemin Lucifer Japanese MV GIFMBLAQ Concert Stage Ovaries Explode(You know what, put some angel wings on him too.)
    SHINee Taemin Ring Ding Dong MV Angel WingsSupernatural Dean Freaking Out Usual.
  3. Taemin MUST keep his shirt on. I don’t believe in exploiting 15 year olds for the sex-appeal factor. (….what’s that?…he’s how old.?………..what.)SHINee Taemin Everybody Shirtless GIF Stahp(But…but…he’s like…2014 – 1993…oh.)
    SHINee Taemin Cute Gif.
  4. Key WILL be featured in the song and he will sing entirely in the English that he learned from Ugly Betty.
    SHINEE Key Kibum Ugly Betty EnglishSHINEE Key Kibum Ugly Betty English (2)
    His section will sound something like this:

  5. If Yunho could make a cameo as a background dancer that would be great. He can be shirtless. Actually, everyone can be shirtless, just not Taemin.
    TVXQ Yunho Keep Your Head Down Dancing.
  6. Minho can also have a rap section, but he’s only allowed to repeat his own name over and over again in a deep, sexy whisper.
    SHINee Minho Hello MV Minhoing“Minho. Minho-Minho. Minho-Minho…Minho.”
    (He also gets hosed down half-way through and no one really knows why…)
    SHINee Minho To The Beautiful You Hosed Down Seriously....
  7. Everything is filmed outside of a studio with natural lightning. Yes, SM, the natural light, also known as the sun, it exists. It is not a myth! As the saying goes, only in Japan.SHINee Luck Star Japan MV Key Taemin Truth Tea(Are you enjoying the Truth Tea Key?)
  8. The theme is natural disasters. I want to see Taemin dancing in front of a tornado. I just do. Se Hun was sitting in front of one and could not look more bored. I want to see someone interacting with their environment, especially if it’s like, you know, a monstrous, man-killing storm. *Angel wings flapping in the air* *the faintest Minho-Minho*
    Shinee Taemin Lucifer Japan MV Water.
  9. The Beyonce weave makes a comeback (the good one though, not the bad one). And it stays for every scene, for every special stage, forever.
    Bad Weave =
    Shinee Taemin Sherlock MV GIF
    Good Weave =
    SHINee Taemin Lucifer Long Hair Good Weave.
  10. The song is a cross between Jo Kwon’s Animal and Raina’s Dr. Feel Good. Oh my god…that would be amazing, and kind of dirty when I think of Taemin singing it, but mostly amazing.

Minho blesses this post. Let it be!

SHINee Minho Magic Bless This Post


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  1.   August 2, 2014, 7:19 am

    Ahaha, great post! Love your ideas for his solo debut. (And the little note on how old Taemin is now…)


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