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Lim Kim Wall paper Voice Album Booklet
Mini Bio

What is this? Have I been given liberty to speak about my second bias in K-Pop? Indeed I have! I give you Kim Ye Rim (김예림; born January 21, 1994) also known as Lim Kim, the love of my life. Ye Rim is a member of Togeworl (투개월; Two Months) along with fellow member Do Dae Yoon. After placing 3rd in Superstar K3, the duo joined Mystic89 Entertainment and Ye Rim’s solo career began. Her first EP, A Voice, was released on June 17, 2013. The album contained the hit single All Right, which earned her one million downloads, the #2 spot in Gaon Music Charts and #3 in Korea Hot 100 K-Pop charts. The second EP, Her Voice, arrived nearly three months later. It contained the singles Rain and Voice; both earned high spots in the Gaon Music Charts. On Novermber 18, 2013 her EP’s came together to create Lim Kim’s first full album Goodbye 20. Lim Kim earned The Best Newcomer award in both the Melon Music Awards and the 28th annual Golden Disk Awards. She has participated in dramas such as Monstar and Shut Up Flower Boy Band further expanding her versatility as an idol. Her unique voice sets her apart from other K-Pop singers immediately, the richness of her notes remind me of silky warm tea with just a pinch of caramel. Yes, I just described her voice with food. I have no regrets!

Lim Kim Rain MV
Superstar K3 – Fox

Just picture it. You’re at a coffee shop and this song suddenly starts playing. Suddenly you hear Ye Rim’s voice…your afternoon is now perfect. You’re welcome.

Rain (Live Version)

It’s okay, I’ll take you to the coffee shop. Hey Ye Rim, when I go to Korea and I enter one of its many coffee shops you better be there giving a special performance or my life will end. E will have to drag me out of every coffee shop in tears because you’re not there.

All Right

If you don’t answer the next question directed at you with “Alright” – I applaud you.

Goodbye 20

The song you can’t get out of your goddamn head! She sings about her best friend being gay, plastic surgery and finally being 21.

Lim Kim Goodbye 20 MV


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  1.   July 29, 2014, 9:19 pm

    Yeah, sorry, I can’t drag you out of coffee shops, I’ll be too busy stalking the YG Building.

  2.   July 30, 2014, 1:49 am

    great article. i cant say i share the feelings for lim kim but it was a great read nonetheless.
    could i please just ask that you edit and amend the listening in the title to a capital L instead, it slightly bothers me. thanks

    •   July 31, 2014, 7:41 pm

      Fixed! I didn’t even catch that, thanks.


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