Who Has The Best Fighting MV in KPop?

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Fact: No one owns a gun in Korea. Steel pipes are really in right now. But honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with the fighting trend plot in K-Pop MVs. On the one hand, it can be extremely awkward to watch if the blocking and acting is off. On the other hand, it can be very compelling and amazing if done correctly. I was reminded of this tremulous relationship with Infinite’s Back MV. So Infinite is basically under SM now…did SM forget that they did this exact same kidnapped-girl-concept with EXO like a year ago? (It’s the Wolf drama version we all try to pretend never happened because of the atrocious acting.) Actually…they did this with TVXQ like three years ago. So here we go, a list (in random order) of some of the more relevant K-Pop MVs involving highly choreographed fighting scenes where you vote for the best. Criteria: Only MVs with actual back-and-forth fight scenes, not metaphorical or magical ones. If I missed any, tell me in the comment section.

17. TVXQBefore U Go

Bulletproof vests + Baby making music = Perfection.

16. MyNameBaby I’m Sorry

Pretty good fight choreography (if you ignore the overused stock hitting noise) + Memorable ending = Their best MV to date.

15. InfiniteBack

Little gang which ordered matching jackets + OMG Sungjong has an umbrella as a weapon + Wtf face of girl as she realizes the  guys are losing = How adorable, not menacing.

14. MBLAQThis is War

Wanted 2 + Is that a gun?! Are my eyes deceiving me? + Oh my god their friendship picture! (1:27 mark) = Lee Joon is too pretty to die.

13. LC9Mama Beat

Dragon Ball Z meets K-Pop + Someone gets stabbed with an axe = …someone get’s stabbed with an axe?!?!

12. B1a4What’s Happening

I’m counting this pillow fight because this is one epic pillow fight + all of the feathers = cutest fight in the world

11. Brown Eyed GirlsKill Bill

Quentin Tarantino style massacre + black leather = Queens of K-Pop.

10. EXOWolf (Drama Version)

The MV that never happened + What MV? What? = Tao remains impeccable.

9. 2AMI was Wrong

Fight at the bottom of an empty pool is pretty creative + It’s been years and I still don’t know why they’re fighting = Bring back Jo Kwon’s curly hair

8. T-ARASexy Love (Drama Ver.)

Awesome katanas + Too bight hair dye jobs = I wish this MV was ten minutes shorter

7. Huh GakHello

Look at that endless supply of metal tubes + Somewhere there is a bathroom with zero pipes = Dude, you should have really rescheduled that attack

6. Epik HighBreakdown

Not really K-Pop but this song is amazing and should be recognized + They’re being tortured in this MV = …does this count as fighting?

5. InfiniteBefore The Dawn

Killer wardrobe + fighting against enslavement = I miss this Infinite

4. DMTNSafety Zone

Not enough Simon + tight red pants = Are you fighting homeless people who kidnapped a ghost?

3. Nu’estFace

Awesome message + Choreography intertwines with fight sequence = Techno Cheese Masterpiece

2. BIGBANGHaru Haru

Those two are really close + No seriously, really close = You need to take responsibility for all the fanfics

1. SS501Solo Collection

Someone gets doused with gasoline + Someone gets literally stabbed in the back + Someone ends up in a coma + I wish this were turned into a drama = EPIC.



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