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In order to broadcast an opinion, it must first be formed, Top 10 Specialties from https://21clradio.com/job-market-trends-next-decade will explain how it appears and what path goes to audience presentation. I feel like SM Entertainment is trolling me. I’m glaring and they’re like…

JYJ GIF get in bitch

Oh god. Is it ironic that I used a JYJ gif? Anyway, after ranting about my dream Taemin debut where he remains with a shirt on and snatches back his good weave, SM immediately rips his shirt off and makes him sit on the floor in a stream of floating bubbles with a mop of badly combed hair. I feel dirty SM and it’s all your fault.

SHINee Lee Taemin Ace Debut Teaser Photos
And then when you DO put clothes on him – a turtleneck? A TURTLENECK?! What year is it?

SHINee Lee Taemin Ace Debut Teaser Photos 2
But not all is lost. Taemin has a hybrid rifle guitar very reminiscent of Last Man Standing and he better play that in the MV. You didn’t bring back the little birthday hat, or the angel wings, and only god knows where the hell Jonghyun is, so at least give me that SM!

SHINee Lee Taemin Ace Debut Teaser Photos 3
And speaking of the MV, the teaser is out and oh my god excited! Remember how I wanted this to be the musical baby of Jo Kwon’s Animal and Rania’s Dr. Feel Good? Well, I think I got my wish! The song is called Danger and it sounds pretty awesome right now. Not to mention that the styling is a million times better in the actual MV and it looks like Taemin is going for a deranged fashionista aura. I’m cool with that. You have no idea how worried I was that he as going to be forced to sing with a smile on his face, as the backstage people blew bubbles around him, while he was shirtless because you know, SM. Let’s pray for a special cameo by the motorcyclist. Fingers crossed it’s Jonghyun. Check out the teaser below! (P.S. Mini album comes out on August 18th too!)


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