Red Velvet Debut Letdown / Rant

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Red Velvet Debut Happiness

Honestly, I have no idea how to begin this rant. Shall we begin by expressing how much of a let down this song was? Or maybe how mishandled this debut has been—OR— why other SM groups (EXO) get all the funding and meticulous planning while others suffer rushed promotional strategies (F(x) and, now, Red Velvet)? Hm, this seems to only happen to girls groups or solo female singers (where in the world is BoA…obviously Japan. J-Min is in SPACE.), in SM. Girl’s Generation being the exception because if they even think of messing up their comeback we all know Jessica would freeze them to death with her stare.

The Let Down

At first I was simply nervous about the announcement of a new SM girl group because SM has yet to manage a girl group as well as Girls’ Generation. With F(x) I find myself constantly rooting for them but I’m always disappointed. Their album booklets never fail, but when it comes to the music and MV execution it always feels half-assed. Not too long ago Girl’s Generation suffered from this as well, a group’s name or image does not always save it from a horrible comeback (may Hoot rest in peace). Also, S.M. Entertainment you cannot hype a group by making them perform songs that have nothing to do with their concept! Not only does this completely give the wrong impression but it makes the fan-base expect something that will never happen. Example: Rum Pum Pum Pum – a song about tooth ache, with suicidal school girl teasers and then plastic flowers in the MV.

This is what you teased (I didn’t even know this was an S.E.S song!):

And this is what we got almost two weeks later:

I get it. You’re going for the safe route but you’re dooming these hard working girls into a concept that obviously does not match them at all. Yes, Wendy’s solo song was a ballad but it wasn’t cheesy and completely sugar-coated with happiness, yes, puns! (Administrator E here: So proud!) It also didn’t have a parrot, what’s with the parrot? Wait! What’s with the giant mouth? And the song…omg the song. I mean, if you watch it as many times as I have in order to write this rant you’d get used to it but on the first listen this was my face:

Lord of the Ring FrodoDon’t do it, Frodo! You do not ever contemplate about putting the ring on if you have black riders chasing after you.


S.M. Entertainment has had a bad year (in the world of netizens; stocks are skyrocketing as they throw their idols into the fire). Dating rumors galore! This obviously would not be a problem if idols were allowed to date, but, of course, there are fans that obsess to the point that dating has become sacrilege. There is this tendency with SM to instantly flood the fan-base with a distraction while a scandal diminishes. That should never be the answer. Honesty should be. F(x) finally made their awaited comeback with what seemed to be their best album by far and then SM decided to cut their performances short and end their promotions after like a month. I understand why the nameless fan-base is angry, I would be too if I were a hardcore fan. So then SM rushed Red Velvet’s debut to take the attention out of  Sulli’s relationship with Choiza and it was terribly mishandled (Horrible song, 9/11 references in MV, same name as another band in the industry, short debut notice, they’re named after a dessert). Even if they didn’t mean it that way (totally innocent as they wipe JYJ’s blood off their hands), this still pisses off F(x) fans because it’s as if you’re giving a new group priority over an established one, and limiting the success of the new album. You do not screw a group over and you do not mess with a K-POP fandom, because when you do all you get is angry fans and a slew of ugly rumors. Angry fans will seek revenge, oh and revenge was sweet.

Red velvet

EXO and Their Extravagant Debut

Probably 90% of the K-Pop fans are female or homosexual males, the other 10% remaining being hormonal teenage boys and Kwon Yuri fanboys, which explains why female groups are so below male ones. In this section of the rant we will focus on SM’s newest boy group EXO. Let’s go back to 2012, where you couldn’t escape the constant bombardment of EXO teasers, there were 23 to be exact, which expanded over like a two month period. So that’s 23 teasers, compared to one for Red Velvet. Why should a male group have so much more effort be put into their debut than a female group in the same company? I’m a girl and I love K-Pop, for what it strives to be (perfection). I do not care whether a band is all male, female or co-ed, if you have talent I will notice you. I can’t even be bothered finishing this because I’m so annoyed. This debut sucked. EXO you’re overrated as f**k.

Lim Kim Goodbye MVS out!


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