Winner “Color Ring” (컬러링) MV Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing Winner’s Color Ring A.K.A. I Know You’re Upset, But That’s An $800 Phone You’re Throwing Around MV.

Winner Kang Seungyoon Color Ring 컬러링 위너 강승윤Seungyoon, I know you’re hurting but this is how people fall into opened manholes…

The SongWinner Song Mino Color Ring 컬러링 위너

This song appears to be the prequel to Empty. In a way, this is the calm sadness before the stormy depression. In the song, the boys seem to have gotten into a heated argument with their girlfriend. The fight ended the relationship so suddenly that they didn’t even say goodbye properly. Thus, the boys continue endlessly calling the ex, hoping that she picks up so that they can hear her voice and save the relationship. They sing about missing their long phone calls and never truly appreciating the girlfriend. In the chorus, they compare themselves to the “color ring.” Winner Song Mino Color Ring 컬러링 위너 2The color ring is the happy song that plays over the phone every time the boys call (“The color ring that resembles me. Ring ring ring ring.”). Although the song is a cheerful tune, the boys always become extremely angry and depressed when they hear it, because it just endlessly loops since the girlfriend never picks up. They are like the color ring because they continue calling in the same mechanical manner, sometimes stubbornly, others instinctively. It is an endless cycle of desperation. Personally, I thought this song was just okay, both the lyrics and the instrumental. There was nothing truly special about it. It actually reminded me a lot of Nu’est’s Good Bye Bye. It’s not a bad song, just not single material.

MV Plot + Execution

There is so much cell phone abuse in this MV. But, at least, it was a lot better than the song. My best friend thought this was kind of a boring MV when compared to Empty, and a giant Samsung commercial. Although I do agree about both things, I also think this one is artistic in some scenes. I blame this sixth over-thinking sense on Hannibal. I watch Hannibal, like, compulsively. You guys should watch it; it involves a sexy cannibal and homoerotic stares but back to Winner. A scene here reminded me of Hannibal. I like to call it The Liquid Dreams Sequence.

Winner Lee Seunghoon Color Ring 컬러링 위너 이승훈NBC Hannibal Will Graham Water Liquid DreamsWinner Lee Seunghoon Color Ring 컬러링 위너 이승훈 2
The really wonderful thing about water is that it can represent so many things. I think that particular scene is about being overwhelmed, helplessly consumed really, by their desire to reach out. Seungyoon, in a way, has become trapped in his own mind and his emotions are beginning to disable rational thought. Because water is all encompassing and powerful, even if he struggles, the ocean will only become deeper and deeper, since it is the very need for communication which started the flood. The more you swim upwards, the more desperate you become, the higher the tide rises. This obsessive darkness was subtly alluded to in the beginning of the MV when the boys are in the tunnel after the breakup. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the tunnel begins to become dark, from the outside slowly reaching in.

Winner Kim Jinwoo Color Ring 컬러링 위너Also, the cinematography and lighting reminded me of TVXQ’s Wrong Number, which is a big thumbs up. But perhaps it was also the phones and the bathtub scene. Though Taehyun had a lot more clothes on than Yunho did…sigh. Speaking of Taehyun, the scene where he is around all the empty shopping bags – my heart hurts! He just wanted to go shopping, but didn’t have the energy. I understand. I feel you. Or did you go shopping but forgot all your purchases at the store and came back with empty bags, because if so, then I totally feel you. Finally, when they left the phone on the ground at the end after walking away, I was like…that’s going to ring and they’re not going to hear it. And sure enough. This is why you don’t leave $800 phones on soaking wet streets, people. It’s inefficient and costly. Sure it’s dramatic but do you know how many Alexander McQueen scarves I could buy with $800? Two. Yeah they’re pretty expensive…

The Acting

Winner Nam Taehyun Color Ring MV 2 컬러링 위너

The acting improved a lot from Empty. I’m especially impressed with Taehyun and his water-splashing pain. No, you’re too pretty to cry! And what is this – you’re moving your mouths?! Yes! I also loved the scene where Seungyoon unleashed his inner G-Dragon and started running at an angle that defies gravity.

The Wardrobe

Winner Nam Taehyun Color Ring MV 컬러링 위너Fashion Coma.

The impeccable classy styling continues. I spot Marni and Lanvin and all I can say is, Dear God, Let Them Keep This Stylist. If Jeremy Scott So Much As Stares In Their Direction, Let CL Get In The Way Before He Becomes Too Interested.

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NBC Hannibal Will Graham Hannibal Lector

MV Rating: 3 Stars/5 Stars

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    “Seungyoon, I know you’re hurting but this is how people fall into opened manholes…”

    omg hahahahaha! But yeah nothing too great about this song but they did look great!


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