Taemin “괴도 (Danger)” MV Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing Taemin’s 괴도 (Danger) A.K.A. Jaejoong got surgery, changed his name, and borrowed Xiah’s mega-diva dance moves MV.

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 3

The Song

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 10This song is successful single material and pum, pum, pum-pum-pum. I love everything about it: the sudden high pitched chorus that sounds like Changmin getting punched in the gut, the robotic whispering, the erratic shift of pace, even the playful seductive tone (although it’s coming from an ageless 15 year old and it makes me feel dirty). Do I know what he’s singing about? No, because the translated lyrics aren’t out yet and I’m not going to ask my best friend to translate because I’d rather come up with my own lyrics. I’m thinking something along the lines of, “Staaaay with me, I know the scary fangirls are coming so please be quiet. This is my showtime! Danger! Hide. Hide. Hide. Danger! SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 11They’re coming. They’re coming. They’re coming.” And I don’t want to know what the real lyrics are and will never look them up. Though the “Don’t ask me about f(x) – pum, pum, pum-pum-pum,” line was a bit strange.

The MV Plot + ExecutionSHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 8

The first time I saw this MV I didn’t know how I felt about it. Do I like it? I thought. Then I watched the atrocity that is Maxstep and was like, you know what, this MV is great in comparison and the general idea behind both is the same: make the stars simply look great. Maxstep bored me to death even though it had some of the best dancers in the industry. But Danger kept me interested with actual fun dance moves, lots of scene changes (that didn’t give me seizures), and, at times, hilarious wardrobe choices. SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 9There really is no conceivable plot that I can decipher from this MV other than Taemin is all grown up, dangerous, and far too comfortable shirtless. I don’t want another Taeyang on my hands here. The MV is all about overcoming dangerous situations without breaking a sweat (in a way showing confidence in his ability to be a solo artist). The dangerous scenes would be having the motorcyclist doing spins around him, the awesome gun guitar, the squirm-inducing chain piercing from his nose to his ear, and being in a dark parking lot at probably the wee hours of the morning (because you don’t do that unless you want to be mugged and/or raped).

What I Wanted In This MV That Isn’t In It

Other than all of this, I wanted him to play that guitar very badly, or at least shoot at the screen with it 2NE1 style.

2NE1 I Am The Best

The Acting

Taemin played his part well. He was confident, he was cool, he was at times a bit scary and intimidating. When’s the solo concert?

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 13
The Wardrobe

I loved the leopard and the red glittering jacket. Nothing conveys being a Bad Ass better than glitter. It says, I’m confident and I’m not afraid to spark.

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 6
Best Fashion Moment:

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 2

Are you wearing a bowler hat with a birdcage veil? I never thought I would like this on a guy. Can more guys do this? I found that more sexy than when he was shirtless with only a leather biker jacket on. Also the jacket only on one shoulder… (Thumbs up, a million thumbs up)

Most Hilarious Fashion Moment:

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 7
Did SM hire the stylist YG recently fired? Those are a 3 year old’s PJs. How did he fit in that?

The Dance

This is the I Take To The Sky move.

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 4
I call this the Hmm, Let Me Think About It, No – Bamp! move.

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 14
This is the This Scene Never Happened Because That Hair move.

SHINee Lee Taemin 괴도 (Danger) MV GIF 5
MV Rating: 3 Stars/ 5 Stars

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