•   August 26, 2014

    Jessica’s Blanc Website Has Re-Launched!

    So Jessica Jung, also known as the ice princess of Korea's top girl group,…

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  •   August 25, 2014

    Orange Caramel “나처럼 해봐요(My Copycat)” MV Review

    Today, I'll be reviewing Orange Caramel's My Copycat A.K.A. I'm Think I Went Cross…

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  •   August 22, 2014

    Sunny Hill’s Jang Hyun Kim Retweets Me / Is Too Awesome For Words

    Sunny Hill ex-member and producer Jang Hyun Kim is kind of amazingly nice. I…

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  •   August 21, 2014

    Blanc Group is Still Down/ CEO Jung Likely To Go On Firing Spree

    Well, if you follow this blog you're aware that I was SUPER excited about…

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  •   August 20, 2014

    Ha:tfelt “Me?” Album Review

    Warning: Don’t bother listening to track number one. Track #1: Iron Girl (Ft. Lim)…

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  July 17, 2014

SR14G Tease With “Be Natural”/ Watch Out F(x)

Let’s all put our hands together for SR14G composed of Seulgi (슬기; 19‬) and Irene (아이린‬; 22). These rookies have…

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